Monday, April 30, 2012

What is a Gospel Tract?

      I had someone ask me what a gospel tract was on one of the comments on this blog. So that is why I am writing a post about it. I myself did not know what a gospel tract was either until I was 21 years old!  It is sad to say I never received one or had someone take the time to explain to me I was on a path to destruction and that God had provided a simple escape in His Son Jesus Christ.
       I lived my life in a way that was right in my own eyes until the day I realized that I was not born again and would not see heaven for even a  second unless I turned to Christ and accepted Him as my savior! I heard this message at a non-denominational church in Blacksburg,Virginia after a cadet in Chemistry class (now my husband) invited me to church one Sunday. After having received the free gift of salvation, naturally I wanted to share that gift with all that I loved. I began to pray earnestly for my family and wanted to share the gospel so badly, yet I didn't even know a single bible verse not even John 3:16. I was a heathen of the worst sort not even having a prior form of godliness aside from in elementary school I had got some water poured over my head and brought some wine to a priest for a year or two.  I began to read my bible right away and soaked up as much about God as I could. Still I didn't know how to communicate to my family effectively and so my only hope of having them hear the good news was to get them to come along with me to a church where they could hear the same message of salvation.

     Praise the Lord during summer break my sister Charlotte came to a Baptist Church in Alexandria, VA with me and got saved! 2 years went by without much progress in communicating the gospel. Then while in Las Vegas a friend of ours introduced us to Chick Tracts. I was so excited that there were little booklets that outlined the gospel in an easy to read format citing all the powerful verses that would lead one to trust in Christ!  We ordered hundreds of them and passed them out to friends, family and strangers. On the back of the tracts it said to read your bible daily the King James Version only. I was intrigued by this and began to research the reason why. It didn't take long before we left our current church that used any type of bible some not even having bible verses.  We began to look for a church who used the KJV only and we landed ourselves into the world of  Independent Baptist Churches. On our first visit to an independent baptist church we fell in love. They had tons of gospel tracts and even went out on visitation or "soul winning", salvation was preached so clearly all the time, there were so many bible verses cross referenced not just one or two quoted with stories to fill in the rest of the sermon. There were not any flashing lights and loud guitars, and we were encouraged to continue to share our faith by word, actions, and gospel tracts =)

     In short a gospel tract is a small booklet with the bible verses that explain God's plan of salvation. Some are very short, some are longer with pictures too like the chick tracts. The ones we have now have our church's information on it and even a  picture of our pastor and his wife. I hope that explains things to anyone wondering what a gospel tract is =)

This is the inside of our Gospel tract from our church. I love our Pastor and his family I can't believe that more people don't want to hear good preaching and fellowship with them. It shocks me it really does!

On the back the gospel is put in a concise form with the necessities of salvation highlighted with corresponding bible verses.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for asnswering my question about the tracts! I enjoyed reading the post. Can you elaborate on why you feel so strongly about the KJV? Your testimony is powerful.

Sara K.

Blythe said...

Hi Kelly! I found your blog through Money Saving Mom (love that blog!) and have been visiting your blog throughout this last months organizing challenge. I have been inspired by your organizing and some of your other good habits. I too am married with a new baby (our first), and we only have one car for our family! (It was nice to finally hear that I'm not the only one that does that!). I'm also a born-again believer and have been encouraged by many of your posts. I am curious, why do you only read the KJV? You referenced that there was a reason why in this post, but I'm a bit unclear as to why you should only read the KJV as opposed to other translations like NIV or NASB. I would love to get your persepective on the subject. Thanks!

Logan Family said...

I would gladly share why I feel God's word has been perfectly preserved in the King James Bible and why I quite reading my NLT/NIV. I will blog about it later this week Lord willing =)
Sara, I love finding other mom's who share a car too =) It has been almost 5 years since we have saved thousands sharing a car! =) Thanks for commenting =)

Jessica said...

Great testimony! I enjoyed that. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kellie! I too found you through Money Saving Mom and have been hooked on your blog since. Your organizational skills are second to none and your testimony is truly inspiring. I look forward to continuing to follow you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, I would encourage you to research KJV as "perfectly preserved". It's a known fact that thousands of words were changed during translation. Really the only pure way to read the bible would be in Hebrew. That being said, I have people I have been praying for years would turn their lives over to Christ and would be so happy if they would pick up any bible to read. I think one reason versions like NIV are so popular is because they are easier to understand. They even have a NewKJV that takes out all the thee's and thou arts. Surely you don't believe this is an issue of salvation?

Martina said...
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Logan Family said...

Thank you so much for your kind words and concern for the truth ladies =) I am praying and studying a little more before I make my blog post on the KJV =)