Friday, April 6, 2012

Money Saving Mom's 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home Day 5: Vacuum Couch Cushions

Yay! The first week of assignments is done!
Shirt that I love: my black Express ribbed sweater I have had since high school: makes me look thinner =)
Doing something that I love: Playing Wii sports with the kids, my oldest is sooooo competitive he was just devastated when mommy beat his butt in bowling!!
My Goals: Complete bible reading plan, finish reading my book, do Taebo, make grocery list, Update Craigslist account!

Getting rid of things update: I did find 11 things to get rid of yesterday and today they turned into $2! I know it is not much but it is $2 I didn't have before and I got to give a husband and wife a gospel tract that they may have never received!

Assignment for Day 5: Remove your couch cushions and clean out any crumbs, toys, or other miscellaneous items you find. Use an attachment on your vacuum to vacuum the cushions, underneath the cushions, and all crevices of your furniture. Spot clean the fabric, if needed.
I just on Tuesday Vacuumed my couch and thought that I could just skip this assignment...but for some reason I felt like some crumbs may have reappeared in the seats.....
So I spent some more quality time with my Kirby =)

The fabric did need to be spot cleaned and it is one thing I don't like doing because then the seats will be wet. So I tell myself I will do it at night so it will have time to dry...but if I know one thing about myself it is that if I wait to do something until before bed it has a 99.9% chance of not getting done! So I mixed some hot water with laundry soap to spot clean the couch and chair.

The couch is all nice and clean! I love the color brown when you have four small children!

The recliner chair is not brown ....never going to buy this color ever ever again! This picture is not showing you all the details of stains!

After the spot cleaning it looks a lot better not like new but a whole lot better!


Shelby said...

Which Taebo video do you do? I so need to loose some weight:( I am not huge, but I want to be in a size 8 again. How many calories do you consume?

Logan Family said...

Lol...don't laugh at me when I tell that I do an old Taebo I think from the late 90's that was my mother-in-laws and some how ended up with my husbands dvds when he first left home like 8 years ago! I have also Billy's favorite moves, and then the bootcamp but my husband threw away my billy bands I don't do that one anymore! Size 8 was my original goal too when I started loosing baby weight, then when I got there I realized size 8 after 4 kids is not the same as size 8 in high school with firmer so I really would like to be a 6! I wear size 8 though to have my skirts hang lower on my hips =)

Logan Family said...

oh and calories your guess is as good as mine! I have no idea!! I just try and stuff my face with as many fruits and veggies raw as I can and then eat whatever I feel like after that because I know that all the fiber helps move everything on out =)

Shelby said...

Thanks, pray for me. Maybe I will finally find some motivation. I am a size 12, but really would like 8 or a 6:)

Logan Family said...

Shelby I will pray for God's strength and wisdom and temperance in your weight loss goal! I was a size 12 after I Had my 2nd son and I was so upset because it was a double digit number that is why 8 was my goal...I was about 173lbs! I carry most of my weight in my extremities though so my waist still wasn't that bad. I am going to do a series soon on my different weights I just have to dig up some old pictures!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I started reading your blog after you were linked on Money Saving Mom. I love all your organizing posts! I have two quick questions (and you don't have to answer them if you don't want to :)

1. You mention the tracts a lot. What do they say? It might be neat if you did a post on the tracts.

2. I see that you wear skirts in a lot of pictures. Is that based on your religious beliefs?

Your family is lovely - keep blogging and being a beautiful Christian presence in your community.

Logan Family said...

Hi There! Thanks for stopping by my blog =) I will do a post on gospel tracts soon! Yes I am convicted about dress from the bible =)