Friday, March 30, 2012

Decently and in Order Pt. 18 My Bathroom Pt. 2

Our Bathroom Vanity holds many things and we have split the space evenly Chris gets the Left side and I get the right side =)

Inside of Chris' drawer he has his hair things he uses everyday to freshen up, If you ever come to our home unannounced you will most likely find Chris in his wave cap, it makes his hair wavy =)

I tried it on and it does not make my hair wavy!

Inside of my drawer I keep my hair things too =)

In my little zip bag that my mom got me for christmas in high school I have clips and pony tail holders.

Under the sink I have that nice pretty Liner down here too =)

Chris' side....lots of black baggie things and hair cutting supplies.

My side has clear storage drawers. I like being able to see what is inside so I couldn't do the baggie thing Chris has got going on, but he likes to organize his own way =) At the end of the day I am glad my husband is clean and organized even if it doesn't look as cool as my side... =)

I let Chris put his toothbrush on my side =) You will have to ask him about the electric floss thing =)

This may be alarming to some but this is all my make-up! I just have a thing of Physician's Formula organic eye shadow that I put on once in a blue moon and sheer lip moisturizer also worn once in a blue moon. I hardly ever wear the Kiss My Face Organic face mask either ...since I don't like to put things off.....

Wearing the Kiss My Face pore shrinking mask

Lastly my nail drawer, I also use this once in a blue moon, so today when I was taking pictures of it I decided the moon must be blue!
Waiting for my nails to dry =)

My hair accessory cords are always getting tangled up....gggggrrrr....

I was looking on youtube to find some good videos on how to wrap your cords but I couldn't figure them out quite right....but this is a little better =)

Up Next: My Closet!

Thinking Outside the Bank: How to Give without Spending More Money

Due to some recent budget cuts in the Logan Household while we wait on the Lord's will and timing with Chris' new career, I am coming up with some creative ways to still give that I would like to share =) These ideas are nothing new under the sun but needed to be rediscovered in our home!

1) Make a Homemade card
Since I have a cricut and scrapbooking supplies on hand already this is easy for me to do, but you don't need all the scrapbooking things that I have to make a home made card; paper and markers work just as well and it has more meaning to people that you used your time to make it =)

2) Make Something Yummy!
Chocolate granola bars: This is my new favorite thing to make for special people =) The only downside to making something yummy is that you might end up eating half of the batter.

3) Use Gift Cards Given to You on Others

We received a Kohls gift card from my in laws last Christmas and never used it, so when I saw on Money Saving Mom a couple weeks ago that Kohls was having free shipping and 20% off the light bulb came on that this would be the perfect way to send my mom a birthday present without spending money from our bank account!

4) Trade Some Old Things For Something New
Here in Springfield, Missouri we have a really great store called Other Mother's that you can trade in clothes and get store credit. Many of the items people trade in are new with tags on them!

When I wanted to send something for a sweet friend in Virginia that is having a baby boy I knew I could use store credit I earned trading in my kids old clothes to get her something new for her baby....She never would know I didn't go to Walmart and buy it brand new....well if she reads this she will =)

I will be writing more ideas that we have implemented on our frugal journey to continue to give generously on a bare bones budget!

Decently and in Order Pt.17 My Bathroom

Here is the master bathroom it has the same color scheme as the hall bath because Chris wanted the bathrooms to have a uniform anyway that is why everything is black and white again. I like it though, but if I were not married I imagine this bathroom would be pink =)

I got the matching black and white cotton ball holder, and soap dispenser from Target. In the middle of them I rolled up some wash cloths and tied a ribbon around it to make it look like a =)

Inside the container I keep tweezers, nail clippers, cotton balls, qtips, and face moisturizer.

I keep a photo of Chris and I on the counter because he is so handsome =) I watched a youtube video on how to fold my towels with the pockets in them =)I also got the pictures on the wall from Target =)

I got this basket from Target know what I think everything in here came from =) They should pay me for writing this =)

Under the puffy sponge things (do these things have a real name?) I hide extra toilet paper, so we never have to go to all the way to the hall closet when the roll runs out. If you don't keep toilet paper in your bathroom you will find the roll runs out at the most inconvenient =)

My sister Charlotte sent us a Bed Bath and Beyond card and so we got this really cool shower head =).....the curved shower rod and curtain came guessed it Target!

This is all that is in the bathtub because Chris and I share the same shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and shower gel! He uses a wash cloth and I prefer the puffy sponge thing. =)

Down on the floor I keep our scale...sometimes I dread getting on it like after a night of eating a whole box of Godiva chocolate...=) I find that the scale keeps me accountable =) I weigh myself around 3 times a week since I am trying to loose the last 5 lbs to my goal weight!

We keep our towels on the back door, Chris got me a pink robe so he can't get mad at it not =)

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Decently and in Order Pt. 16 My Bedroom

I know what you might be thinking to yourself.....Did you finish unpacking? Yes we finished =) This is all we have in our bedroom! We do want to get some nightstands eventually. If I was on one of those other mom blogger pages, there would be some nightstands here that I refinished and painted; after finding them behind a dumpster I am not making fun of them I am excited there are women out there that have such talent. I am just not that industrious yet =)

Up on the shelves my husband bought us some flashlights in case the lights go out in the middle of the night...he is always thinking ahead, we even have a headband flashlight to =) When we get some nightstands they will be going in there and I will find something pretty to put up here =)
Christian and Noah wearing the headband flash lights =)

I am hiding a few things under my bed! Chris's workout stuff: adjustable push up thingys, 30lb kettle bell and I don't know how much weight is on this one dumb bell.....I can barely lift it with both hands off the floor =)

I also have a game box and Chris' over the door frame pull up bar hiding down here.

This is inside of the game box =) I love scattegories. We even have a bible scattegories game. Chris likes scrabble because he always seems to win with really weird words that just so happen to be in the dictionary!

A side view of the room: there is a storage ottoman at the foot of the bed and two frames on the wall.

I made the art inside with my faithful cricut expression! Anyone out there know what Romans 8:28 is off the top of their head?

Inside the storage ottoman we keep our diploma's, our important paper binders, and a game that would not fit under the bed with the other games. I will be blogging about how we keep our important papers organized in the future!

Up Next: My Bathroom!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Our Meal Plan: Sundays

I recently decided to get rid of that age old question once and for all in the Logan home, "What's for Dinner?" I decided I am going to make the same "family" of foods for each day of the week =)
Sunday's will be a day with the breakfast "family"
1)Waffle's, french toast, or pancakes
2) fruit
3) turkey bacon or egg

This way I will make a note to always have on hand, flour, milk, butter, eggs, bread , fruit and turkey bacon for Sunday's dinner. I always make a triple batch of whatever so it is our lunch after church and dinner before church so I do not cook twice since we have church services twice in a day =)

Chris is such a great help in the kitchen!

Many times the batter overfloweth.....and I really hate to cause my home to spoil or waste food

so then I just take the batter from the drip pan and pour it in the waffle iron to get this waffle butterfly =)

Proverbs 31:11
The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil.

Decently and in Order Pt. 15 Rachel's Room Cont'd

I will have to tell you again how much I love the pink paint in Rachel's room, on top of the white chair railing is a lighter pink that really gives it a nice touch =) There is some empty space in the corner over there maybe for a really nice pink wooden kitchen in the future?

She has a baby cradle here next to the dresser =) She doesn't have that many dolls now, but I can't wait to buy her first cabbage patch!

This dresser, I got from the same scratch and dent store that I got the boy's armoir from. It is Wendy Bellisimo and solid wood for only $150!

I keep socks and hose on top in the first bin and bibs in the basket =)

I just love little girl shoes! I only bought one pair in here...again I am going to blame Aunt Charlotte for the excess!

The top two drawers are empty as of right now =)

The middle drawer has onesies and shirts separated by short or long sleeve then skirts and leggings to wear under her skirts and on the far right pajamas!

The bottom drawer has 2t and 3t shirts and pj's waiting to be grown into =)

That is all for Rachel's Room! Up Next: My Room!