Friday, March 30, 2012

Decently and in Order Pt.17 My Bathroom

Here is the master bathroom it has the same color scheme as the hall bath because Chris wanted the bathrooms to have a uniform anyway that is why everything is black and white again. I like it though, but if I were not married I imagine this bathroom would be pink =)

I got the matching black and white cotton ball holder, and soap dispenser from Target. In the middle of them I rolled up some wash cloths and tied a ribbon around it to make it look like a =)

Inside the container I keep tweezers, nail clippers, cotton balls, qtips, and face moisturizer.

I keep a photo of Chris and I on the counter because he is so handsome =) I watched a youtube video on how to fold my towels with the pockets in them =)I also got the pictures on the wall from Target =)

I got this basket from Target know what I think everything in here came from =) They should pay me for writing this =)

Under the puffy sponge things (do these things have a real name?) I hide extra toilet paper, so we never have to go to all the way to the hall closet when the roll runs out. If you don't keep toilet paper in your bathroom you will find the roll runs out at the most inconvenient =)

My sister Charlotte sent us a Bed Bath and Beyond card and so we got this really cool shower head =).....the curved shower rod and curtain came guessed it Target!

This is all that is in the bathtub because Chris and I share the same shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and shower gel! He uses a wash cloth and I prefer the puffy sponge thing. =)

Down on the floor I keep our scale...sometimes I dread getting on it like after a night of eating a whole box of Godiva chocolate...=) I find that the scale keeps me accountable =) I weigh myself around 3 times a week since I am trying to loose the last 5 lbs to my goal weight!

We keep our towels on the back door, Chris got me a pink robe so he can't get mad at it not =)

UP Next: My Batrhoom part 2 Inside the vanity!


Shelby said...

Love it:) love the colors. Your would be proud I organized my laundry room and I LOVE it:) Oh and the garage.

Logan Family said...

Hey Shelby =) I am glad you like the colors. Great job with the laundry and garage, I am always in my garage trying to reorganize and get rid of things!

redfly said...

Love it. I love those angled shower curtain rods. Sure seems to make the shower space larger.


Logan Family said...

thanks Melissa, I am surprised you like my really plain colors! I love the shower rod too, it took us over an hour to put it up =)