Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baby Shower!

My friend Jessica made the candy bar wrappers, and my other friend whose husband is with Chris in Afghanistan made the diaper cake

My mom made 100's of roll sandwhich's

Charlotte hosted all the games

My Dad even came!

Last Saturday I had a baby shower at Lighthouse Baptist Church for baby Rachel. Everything was so nice, there was a diaper cake, chocolates with our faces on them, chocolate cake, my mother in laws mac n cheese, about 40 people, and a ton of baby girl gifts. I am so greatful for all the things I recieved. I actually got 2 of alot of items and ended up returning enough stuff to buy Christian a new jacket, hoodie, belt and 2 shirts from JCPenny's! I still have a $25 gift card to spend at the PX! It was so fun unpacking all the gifts and putting them in Rachels room. All I need now is our baby!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Natural Birth Plan!

Lord willing we will be having another Natural Intervention Free Childbirth in just a few weeks, so I have my hospital bag packed, babysitters lined up, a baby shower this weekend, and of course my birth plan!

Monday, January 3, 2011

My little Joshua!

Well Joshua is not going to be the baby anymore next month! He still does not voluntarilly sleep when put down for bed so the crib is staying up until he starts climbing out of it! I love him so much and he is quite a handful! He has shared a room with Noah for quite sometime but he is going to have a new roomate! Lord willing I will be bringing home Rachel sometime next month. We have a 3 bedrooms with 4 kids(almost). Christian and Noah have been sharing a room together for the last month or so. This leaves Joshua to be the lucky boy to share a room with the girl. I am having my first girl so I don't want to miss out on decorating with girly things, but I also don't like to mitch match stuff . So I was able to find the exact same crib bedding as Joshua on Ebay except for a girl! I think it looks nice together.

Baby Girl!

I love the shirt that says "little sister" and the layette that says "Daddy's girl"

Our baby is due next month! I had a bath robe 2 dresses, 2 headbands, 5 hair bows, 2 organizing baskets and 2 pairs of socks this morning in my baby girl inventory. Soooo.....I decided I needed to buy some more things for the baby girl. I hate to spend so much money on baby clothes that will only fit for a little while, but I had alot of fun picking out cute girly things even with all 3 boys! God has blessed us with more than enough with all the children and I am so greatful for his provision. So here is what I came home with today =)