Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tax Binder

With tax season just around the corner I figured I would share my tax binder too =)

It is an accordian binder with 8 slots so I can keep the last 7 years worth of tax returns. I am not sure if it is just superstituion or what but for some reason I keep 7 years of!

 2011 tax year was the first time we did an itemized deduction so in addition to our W-2's we kept all of our charitable donations and business expense records as well!

2012 tax year is going to be Crazy since Chris was self employed selling insurance. I think there are about 100 billion receipts......he has his own separate binder for all of that I will share next ! 

Home Binder

Sorry if this is boring it is pretty much a repeat of our important papers and documents binder, but with our home records =) We again use a five star binder to store everything.

 The cover page has a picture of our house and our address....I am hoping I don't have any stalkers but just in case I covered our address....I am sure with technology these days someone could find me anyway if they really wanted =)

The table of contents

 The tabs are pretty self explanatory:


 We have been keeping our appliance booklets.  I am wondering if we should really keep them because they take up so much space and I could just find them online if I really needed them.

 Lastly we have maintenance stuff like our termite treatment and storm door instillation.

 I like binders and dividers it just makes me so happy to flip through everything so nice and organized!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How to Make a Home Birth Bed

It is almost time to have our baby at home Lord willing! My sweet midwife gave me instructions on how to properly make a home birth bed. Chris and I got our bed all ready last weekend! This picture has nothing to do with making a bed but this Barbie photo cracks me

So first we put down a flannel table cloth and fitted mattress protector.

Then a set of black sheets.

Then a plastic mattress protector.

 Then a set of grey sheets

Then we put our regular pillows and comforter back on! 
So hopefully we will keep our mattress well protected!
Please Pray our midwife makes it on time too she is in Joplin about an hour away!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Important Papers and Documents Binder

Here is our binder system for finding important papers =)

The Cover Page =)

On each tabbed page we have a table of contents for each section.


  I put our Social Security cards in an envelope so they don't fall out of the sheet protector.

Our Car Title

 Phone (T-Mobile Contract)

 Paid in Full

 Our Church Constitution

 Life Insurance


 We keep his vaccine and health records.

Air Force


How Does everyone else out there keep up with their family documents?
Does everyone keep them in a fireproof safe?...I have been thinking of getting one =)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rooming In with Baby =)

 Chris and I both like to have our babies in the same room with us until about 4 months old =)
My friend Liz let me borrow her pack n play with the bassinet changing table combo on top =). I set it up yesterday and my oldest son is so excited he thought I had the baby and looked inside the bassinet yesterday =).

I picked out babies first outfit to wear and put it on top of the basket =); a Baby Gap outfit given by another sweet friend named Ashley =) I just need some newborn diapers and I will be all set!