Monday, January 25, 2010


Let me start by saying how greatly God has blessed our family. First I could have never imagined that I could be so sure of heaven not because of what I have done but because of what God gave, His only begotten son Jesus Christ. Then he gave me a husband almost 5 years ago. If that weren't enough he has given us 3 children all healthy and perfect to me. He has blessed us beyond all measure but he still gives more. Right before Chris' first deployment in May 2007 I remember adding up all of our debt right after getting our minivan. It totalled around 65,000.00!!!! Credit cards, car payments, student loans, more student loans, and more loans!!! It was amazing we had only been married 2 years and had only been a one income household for 1 year. How did this happen......not following Gods economy. God says debt is bad....didn't ever dawn on us that debt was unbiblical. God says to tithe....we had stopped tithing because of a misunderstanding of the new testament commands. God says to give and it shall be given unto you with good measure....we could not honestly say we were giving anything after we stopped tithing about 10 months of our marriage as God does not recognize anything under your tithe as giving. Tithing is not is giving God out of our bank account what already belongs to him soley for the purpose of spreading the gospel not to be used on our personal needs. I know all of our money belongs to him when we pay for food, car, clothes we need to honor him too because since we belong to him everything we have belongs to him too. Well once we got back on track and realized that the tithe is for new testament believer our finances have been blessed exceedingly. We have payed off 3 student loans 2 credit cards, 3 loans, and Lord willing at the end of this month our minivan!!! All the while paying tithes and giving over the tithe as the Lord lays on our hearts. Well recently the Lord has laid on our hearts to give even more not to get more out of God but because we look around and realize how blessed we are there are those without jobs, those with sick children (maybe from vaccines but thats another blog for another day) Some forcing their wives to leave the training and nurturing of their children up to a babysitter or heathen public school system because of their finances. I am not boasting as i know God has truly given us everything we have and it is because of him that my husband has the health and strength to go to work everyday and bring home a reward of his labor. I am not claiming health and wealth if you pay tithes and give offerings as it is satans world and some of us will not reap what we have sown until we get to heaven. I am just saying it feels wonderful to honor God with our finances and reap alot of his blessings right now in this present world.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Kirby

The Day has finally arrived where crumbs and cat hair and lint balls have no place to hide. Yes that's right folks we have a Kirby vaccuum cleaner and paid only $400.00 for it. I know that sounds like alot but it really is even better than sliced bread because you can slice your own bread and get all the crumbs up with the trusted Kirby =) God is so good to us he sometimes gives us things we don't need but really really would like to have and at a great discount =) The only person dissapointed is Joshua as he likes to eat crumbs and anything else on the floor.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Lord help me to dress right

Why I don't wear certain things anymore especially pants: this is from the no greater joy website by the Pearls
One more thing...why are some women offended that I don't wear pants anymore I thought they should be happy afterall I am trying to help their husbands not look at my hips, buttcheeks...and crotch area?????

:A woman who does not believe a young man struggles daily against visual temptation is simple. Go look up “simple” in a KJV Bible to see what God thinks of “simple” people. I’ll go ahead and explain from my perspective, of once being sunk in the mire of visual temptation. A man’s eyes are drawn to pleasing shapes: the curves of a Corvette (1971 Stingray, being my favorite), the flowing stream as it goes around a bend, or the hips revealed by a tight clothes, tight enough to reveal whether the “lines” are there or not.As a saved family man, I must adhere to the Bible command to entreat or regard “the younger [women] as sisters, with all purity” (1 Timothy 5:2), even if those sisters are dressed in a way that catches my eye. If I give in to the temptations based on what I see, I am guilty of sinning. However, you women who think you are absolved from responsibility in this area are wrong. Why make it difficult for me and your brothers? Why not love me as a brother in Christ and dress in a way that does not make me conscious of what I used to do and be? Mike has commented in the past about alcoholics who get saved. He admonishes them to stay away from places like bars, because the flesh has been conditioned to enjoy alcohol’s powers. Likewise, as a former porn reader, porn movie viewer who liked self-gratification to satisfy his wild drive, I don’t want to see those curves. I keep my eyes up. My wife edits magazines we get (like Popular Mechanics) which have those kinds of pictures, before I or my sons get to look at them, and that’s the way I want it.I tell my boys about the dangers of a woman who dresses like “Lydia.” My son, 6 years old, sees women in public and observes how they dress. “Daddy, is that a ‘strange lady?” He’s referring to the “strange woman” of Proverbs 7. I answer, “I don’t know if she is, but she certainly dresses like one.” And we have seen them at “church.” Do you want my son to look at you and think of you as a “strange lady”? How about your daughter, would my sons think she is strange? My sons won’t marry a woman who doesn’t respect a man’s propensity to visual temptation. They’ll marry a woman who reveals herself to them and them only.My daughters won’t dress like a strange woman either. Mine, at only 9 years old, knows that she should keep her body from a man’s eyes, reserving it for her future husband. In the grocery store one day, when my daughter was wearing a skirt that flowed around her ankles, she heard another little girl (dressed in shorts) point to my daughter and comment to her own mother, “Look, Mom, she’s beautiful!” Why not dress beautifully rather than like a slut? You should get out of your ignorance before your dinner guest looks at you or your daughter then visits the bathroom. Well, that’s probably already happened.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

happy New Year

Happy New Year! Well 2010 is here already it sounds so far into the future like we should all be wearing metalic space suits and driving flying cars. But instead in 2010 we live in a town where there is no Target or shopping mall. who would have thought that possible in 2010? We went to church and brought in the new year playing mario kart. Here is Noah trying to learn from his daddy's mistakes so when he grows up and gets married he does not have to loose to his wife.