Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Is It a Princess or a Prince?

Which ever color balloon we blow up will determine the baby's gender =)

 Poor Chris really wanted another little girl!He is still in denial we will have 4 boys come February!

Pregnant is not a good look on me especially when blowing up a balloon! A very cute idea from our photographer though =)

So we will have to paint Rachel's room a neutral color because I am not putting my baby boy in a pink room!

Look how teeny tiny but still has all the feautures of a full term baby at only 19 weeks! How could
anyone ever doubt that this is a LIFE!

Thanks Rebecca @Road of Life Photography!

Neighbors Kitchen Order Restored!

My next door neighbor is a working mother and she really wanted to get her kitchen in order. I told her I would come over and help one day and so she finally invited me over to help clean up the kitchen! Even though we live right next door to each other in the same neighborhood our kitchens are totally different! Her biggest complaint was she has no pantry =(  I didn't think her kitchen was as unorganized as she made it seem! I think we all are very critical of ourselves especially before we let someone else see it for themselves. And she really didn't even need my help she did most everything all by herself!

The condiment/baking cabinet was not functioning to it's full capability!

She picked up these mesh containers to store her packets of gravy and whatever at Target I think. It made a big difference so they don't fall all over the place anymore.

She had a ton of bakeware!

 We just wiped out the cabinets and lined it with some liners she picked up at Dollar Tree. Then put the bakeware back in more neatly!

Her daughter has a bit of an obsession with water bottles....lol. I think my neighbor tossed some of these out!

So much better!

I couldn't believe all the kitchen utensils and gadgets she had!

Of course all of these utensils and gadgets were of great importance and she could not part with any of them! She did pick up the utensil caddy to make a little more space but overall I was stumped as to what to do with all these things in an orderly fashion! Feel free to leave a comment of suggestion for the utensil drawer because it is so overflowing that a utensil divider will not work! 

Also this was done in April or May and I am just curious to see if she kept up with her cabinets or if her daughter bought any more water bottles...lol =)