Monday, September 20, 2010

$$$$ Drug Store Deals $$$

Well since we are in an area that has all 3 drug store competitors I figured I should take advantage of the deals. So Last night I went to Riteaid and my mom stayed in the car with the boys good thing too I was in there for over an half hour making sure I got all the up rewards (riteaid money). I think I threw the machine off because I had more coupons than items. So here is what I bought

3 jumbo packs of Huggies pure and natural diapers (some for Joshua some for new baby)

2 oral B cross action toothbrushes

1 crest toothpaste

2 packs of kotex pads

1 container of quaker oats

2 bottles of windex green works spray

24 pack bottled water

I spent $30 out of pocket got $15 worth of up rewards and will get a $10 riteaid gift card in the mail! So after the rewards and gift card it is like spending $5 on all of the above. So excited tonight I will get 2 free deoderants from CVS and Tommorrow we will head to Walgreens to get 3 free reach toothbrushes!