Sunday, August 29, 2010

Really need some rest.

I have been so sleepy. Maybe it is because I have been staying up past twelve almost every night or the two flights of stairs in our house or the bday party or maybe the extra workload from not having chris to help or maybe from being pregnant I don't know.....I have been in VA for a month now and I can't say I don't miss my friends in Missouri I didn't know how attached I was to those ladies until the day before we left. Chris has been gone for 17 days!! It feels like forever. I get to see my mom alot and am thankful for that I wish she would come and stay with us for the year .....I don't know why she wants to stay in a smelly old apartment. Contimplating on whether or not to find out if I am having a boy or a girl and going to meet with the midwife on friday. I think I might just have a surprise just for fun I am sure by the time I venture out of the house I will have had time to shop online for some clothes I will just get some yellow and white layettes and diapers of course. Okay I am sleepy and going to be it is 11:24 pm....

Friday, August 20, 2010

Deployment #3

Sigh....Yet another deployment. It seems the deployments get worse and worse each time. the first one to Quatar for 4 months, a relatively safe place and short time period. The next tasking for Iraq for 6 months (2 months completed) after 2 months of training a little less safe and alittle more drama. The next one just 9 months later to Afghanistan for 365 days! So sad and I am 3 months pregnant. However we are still blessed and have no need to complain, we are all alive and well and are getting to spend some time with family in VA. Week one is done though just 51 more weeks to go!