Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hair Cut!

My hair had gotten so super long, when I wore it down and someone sat next to me on the couch it would get pulled, It would get tangled and take like 10 minutes to comb through it sometimes! Since I had so much I figured why not donate?

I think I am donating to Pantene since they give their wigs for free!
Photo: All the kids are looking at me like a
I feel like it's a news reporter hair cut =)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Selling your Home is a Slow Economy

It is hard to believe that just 5 months ago we sold our home!
It was not an easy thing to do both mentally and physically!
We purchased our home in 2011 for $73,000, we bought new appliances and light fixtures, storm doors and cabinet hardware. So all in all we spend $79,000 on everything.
We were able to sell our home just 2 years later for $87,000.
Which was a huge blessing because after taxes and closing costs we walked away with  $80,000 =)
Which basically meant we lived at our house for free for two years! God is Good!

One of the reasons our home was so much cheaper two years earlier was because of the neighborhood. When we drove by before purchasing we noticed our home was vacant the house next door was in foreclosure the house next to it was trashed by renters the house next to that was vacant....trash, graffiti, petty theft and overgrown lawns were an everyday occurrence. The first year and half we reached out to our neighbors welcomed their children over our home, cut their lawns picked up their trash..etc. Then things were getting out of hand and we had some trespassing kids and teens damaging some of our property and so I finally called the police after talking to parents who could care less. Our cable wires were being climbed on and pulled out of place and side gutters torn down, some neighbors homes were egged. Before we put our home on the market I knew that one drive down our street would turn away almost every buyer! It broke my heart to have to turn in these families to local authorities but something had to be done......

Here are some things we did to get our home to sell fast

1) For curb appeal we planted more flowers added a bench and flower pots

2) We Decluttered and cleaned our home from top to bottom
3) We called the police Department to remove graffiti around the neighborhood

4) Our family picked up trash around the playground sidewalks and bus stop

5) We called rental landlords and animal control to report vacated properties with trash and animals left behind

6) We called the Health Department for Oil Spills and trash that sat out for weeks!

7) We called the city for overgrown grass and also cars parking on the sidewalks and front yards

8)We put up no trespassing signs for a couple weeks before our house went up so neighbor kids would know we were serious

9) We asked our neighbors for help and support in calling local authorities
10)We prayed for God's grace!

Oh and how can I forget we got an awesome Realtor Eva Beshears!