Monday, June 12, 2017

Little Arrows

Trying to get all 7 of our children to look at the camera..........this is what life can be like sometimes as a mom of many to think you have everything figured out, everyone is dressed and ready and all standing in the right spot.....but they all still have their own little wondering minds! It's tough work trying to get everyone pointed in the direction you want them and and we are working very hard at it so when the time comes we will be able to shoot them out all pointing straight to the service of our Lord Jesus Christ =).

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

 We kind of last minute decided to drive up the road for Mother's Day this year to see our moms! Even though we live 2.5-3 hours away from our families, I hate driving with a breast fed baby who is used to being carried around and nursed on demand. We managed to get up the road and endured all the screaming from little Naomi!
 I know it means alot to our moms to see their grandchildren on Mother's day so that made the drive all worth it! We got to see Chris' parents and his sweet Granny who is 2 feet shorter than Chris so he had to bend done to take the
 Mother daughter selfie.
My mom is just so sweet and almost started crying when Joshua came and gave her a hug. Joshua is really picky with who he shows any affection to so it meant alot to my mom that he would give her a hug.
My mom is such a giver, she just cannot see her grandchildren without giving them something, so after we ate at my favorite childhood restraint Abis Azteca. She begged to take them to McDonald's across the street to get them ice cream cones and cookies.

So everyone had a fun day except Naomi who had a day full of tears!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Winter 2017

So hard to believe that 2016 has come and gone and we are almost done with February 2017!!! The children are growing way too fast for me!

Christian is for sure going to grow past me in the next year or two and little Miss Naomi is just as plump and adorable as she can be!

We made it past lesson 100 in our Abeka curriculum! Chris is working night shifts so I have the van all day to run the kids all around town to all the playgrounds, libraries and museums!  We got a membership to the Virginia living Museum which the kids love, they have some really cool exhibits and a planetarium!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Network Marketing Thoughts

So some people absolutely despise Network Marketing think it's the devil himself at the top of alllllll the companies that utilize its business model. They think everyone that is a distributor for a network marketing company is trying to live on the beach and travel the world in a private jet by manipulating their friends and family into buying worthless junk and teaching others to do the same. Well here is the truth: there are some greedy network marketing  people who only see $ signs when they see people......but I have met some greedy people in the military and any other job for that matter. That's a matter of the persons heart. It's wicked and evil to desire to be rich. The Bible says they that will be rich (will meaning wanting to be rich ) fall into many foolish and hurtful lusts. God says, to Lay not up treasures for yourself on the earth and to labor not for wealth. God wants us to be content with food and raiment. But here is a thought.....just a thought. ....some people get into a network marketing company because they love the product. We as people  naturally share and recommend  things that are helpful to us everyday, for instance I rave about the moby wrap and tula for baby wearing, and Trader Joe's for decently priced organic produce. ....however I have never gotten a check in the mail or any free products for recommending their business to others. With network marketing its pretty much a glorified refferral program. What in the world is wrong with a person sharing something they love and and getting a referral bonus as a thank you for sharing their product and bringing in more business for that company? In our experience with Young Living we first got a starter kit because we wanted to try using oils and fell in Love with God's creation of healing plants. Purity is big for us; somewhere in the neighborhood of 330% more tea tree oil is sold than is even grown in a year. With the essential oil industry booming and  just about every retailer besides McDonald's now selling them I believe and stand by a company who has their own farms which personal friends of mine have visited and watched first hand the distillation process. I am so greatful and thankful for the opportunity to have essential oils and supplements for our family and it's pretty much all reimbursed with our monthly commission and referral bonus check. Plus rewards points on top of that!! Anyway long blog post short message to the network marketing haters of this world: not all network marketing distributors are greedy predators trying to rival the lifestyle Warren Buffet.