Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Summer Freebies

Sometimes kids get board in the summer and when you have 6 kids on one income you can't just pack everyone up and go to Chuck E Cheese or Museums that cost per kid so we find free or very cheap stuff to do! There is a free nature center right by our house we can literally walk to the kids and I love to go to. The paddle boats are only $4 to rent. 

Also about 10 minutes away is another park with a free petting zoo!
 About 15 minutes away is A little family beach with small waves and sand, so my kids get the beach effect without me having to worry about a wave sucking them in...lol

 At one of the military bases by our home there is a children's self defense class for only $5 a kid!! Our children were more interested with the pretend weapons than any self defense techniques...lol.

July 11th was free slurpee day! We had a successful trip to 7-11 and got all 6 kids to carry their own slurpee from the machine to the car without spilling!

My favorite summertime freebie is Chick Fil A's Cow Appreciation Day! We went to 3 different locations and got our fill of chicken, fries and salad for free!  My vegan sister even came to join us and she got oatmeal, a fruit bowl and a southwest salad with no chicken ....by wearing a sign that said "Eat Mor Chikin".  We are thankful for the full life God has given us =)