Thursday, August 18, 2011

Our reunion Story !

It is Thursday and I am Still busy thanking God for bringing Chris home from Afghanistan safe on Tuesday night! We were so excited for him to be coming home and arriving at an airport only an hour away from home. I bought Rachel a patriotic dress and hair bow, the boys wore red shirts and blue jeans, I bought a blue top, red head band and borrowed a white skirt from my sister. We made signs and brought American flags. We were ready. Camara charged, and left home 2 hours early. We got there and of course the plane had been delayed by about 2 hours. The staff at the USO was great we played in the play room, ate cup of noodles, girl scout cookies, and candy. It was getting close to his arrival and we got word that the plane had landed. We headed out to the terminal and I realized my camara was not working!!! Then Noah said he had to potty (too much Sunny D at the USO). I can just imagine what my face looked like at this point. First things first I went to take Noah to the potty back in the USO. Now onto my biggest problem no camara!!! I tried pulling the lens out with my teeth didn't work too well. I remembered passing by a very strange vending machine. It was a vending machine made by Best Buy and had nintendo video games, gps's, and of course camaras!! The problem was the cheapest camara in there was $179.99. I stood there for a minute and contemplated...Would I pay $179.99 for a picture of my children welcoming their daddy home from Afghanistan? My answer: priceless!! So I swiped my debit card and the camara came out of the shoot like a box of candy! I opened it up and put the battery in of course it didn't work b/c it was not charged. I began to scour the airport for an outlet I found one not too far from the terminal and charged it up. Then after much waiting and waiting about 20 people came out of the double doors at about 2-5 minutes apart before my husband came out. Then finally he came out. I saw him looking confused b/c Operation Welcome Home was there clapping and ringing bells and shaking hands with the service members as they came out. Very nice of them to do but I know my husband and he was not looking for any celebration from random patriots he wanted to see us =) So we walked over and exchanged kisses =) He is in Missouri now doing in processing stuff and then Lord willing he will be back here in Va in a few days!