Saturday, October 22, 2011

100% down on a house

It is official My husband and I are homeowners! God has been way too good to us! Chris has voluntarily separated from the Air Force as of October 1, and God led our final PCS to Springfield, Missouri. The Lord really put it on my husband's heart to pay for a home in cash. I was at first resistant because I thought in our price range we would need a fixer upper. I am so glad we did not take out a mortgage! I love our new home so much. We found the home and 10 days later we closed and moved in! Paying with cash has some serious benefits, closing cost were only $400 ,we got 8% off the asking price, and we don't have to worry about forclosure ever! We even had enough left over in our house budget for brand new appliances!


Anonymous said...

That is so awesome! I'm so happy for you guys!
In Christ, Tabitha

Liz said...

So happy for all of you. I still think you need to write Money Saving Mom. Any word on a job for Chris yet?

Logan Family said...

I will definitely have to write an article Money Saving Mom's we paid cash for sure =) She has inspired me so much, but I would have never heard of her without you my quuepin friend =)

Anonymous said...

I also have a friend at Glossy Money who would love to post your story of inspiration.

Hopefully you will write to her as well.

I think it would help if you told folks about how much you had to pay for the home it gives inspiration as to how much they themselves have to save.

Logan Family said...

I have never heard of glossy money before. I will write to her too =) Our home was appraised at $86k Listed for $78,000 and we paid $73,000. Closing cost were $400.00 and we moved in a week after putting in our original offer of $68,000=)