Thursday, September 11, 2014

Homebirth Midwife Appointments

As almost everyone already knows we are planning another homebirth for our new baby =). Our last birth went so smoothly! I am praying everything goes just as smoothly this time around! I just loved our last midwife and would have gladly hired her again....but she is in Missouri =(. This time we actually have 2 midwives and an apprentice that comes with them. I was really spoiled by my last midwife as she came to our house for all the we have to drive about 40 minutes away to Williamsburg, VA. Today I had my 38 week check up and we took all the kiddos so we could afterwards tour historic Williamsburg. The midwife's office is an old colonial house turned into a business office. The kids love it there! I like looking at old houses too so it's fun for everyone =).  

 "New" toys are always so entertaining....

 The baby has dropped down one inch since last week and is in a good position Praise the Lord!!

 Getting ready to tour downtown.
 I told the kids this was George Washington.....I am really excited about homeschooling history class since I couldn't figure out it was actually Thomas Jefferson!
 The Candy Shoppe!
 I realized this may be one of the last times I eat out anywhere for a Praise the Lord I was able to splurge and buy lunch with some money I made selling my friends clutter on Craigslist (I will make another blog post about that)
The ride back home 3 out of 5 had fallen asleep and then we had "night homeschool" =) 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Family Photos 2014

We somehow went over 2 years without family photos! So here we all are and I am 7 months preggo with Moses!

Gideon 16 months

Joshua 5 years.

Noah 7 Years old.

Rachel 3 years old!

Christian 8 years old!