Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Decently and in Order Pt. 12 The Hall Bath

Well 5 posts later I have finally made it out of the boy's room =) Our Hall bath is very simple. I was wanting to do a kid's theme like jungle monkeys or something like that; but Chris didn't seem very interested in that decor....so we stuck with something simple; black and white. Can you get any more simple than black and white?

Behind the door we keep the children's towels =) The towels are not black and white and I think this might drive Chris a little crazy...lol. I am starting to think maybe he was a prisoner in his past life...j/k =)

We don't have a medicine cabinet, which is fine because we very very very rarely need any medicine, but I did have to come up with some more storage inside the cabinet.

Under the cabinet I found this really pretty cabinet liner =)
I use this small drawer from Walmart and labeled each drawer for the children's hygiene items. We also have in here baby changing items for Joshua (almost 3) which hopefully will no longer need to be stored here because he will be using the potty like the big boy that he is =)

I have a clear showoff box to keep some first aid/hygiene things in like cotton balls, q-tips alcohol, band aids and peroxide.

I like to roll my wash cloths to give them a neater appearance.

All we use on the children's hair is some pure jojaba oil =)

No Fluoride here!

I made the sign in the batrhoom with my cricut. I thought it would be fitting for the bathroom since the scripture is dealing with cleansing and the bathroom is where you go to get clean =) 1 John 1:7 " ...the blood Jesus Christ his son cleanseth us from all sin..."

In the Bath tub we keep Rachel's pink baby bath tub, some body soap/shampoo, hair rinsing cup, and some toys =)

Oh and this is what the bathroom looked like before we moved in and changed a few things =)

Next Up !!! The Hall Closet!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Decently and in Order Pt. 11 My Clutter "Hot Spot"/The Boys Room Con'd

The boys have a trundle bed, Christian and Noah sleep together and Joshua sleeps on the bottom. I tried putting Noah and Joshua together first since they are the two youngest but Noah doesn't want to sleep next to him. With an almost 3 year old brother not potty trained I don't blame Noah...lol =) We plan on getting the exact same trundle bed with a bunk bed on top in the not too distant future, so everyone will have their own bed. I have a feeling that Noah will still like to sleep with Christian though =)

Now onto my "clutter hot spot"....the drawers on the trundle.....brace yourself now.............
I love the drawers on the trundle and labeled each one of them so the boys would not mix their clothes up yet the clothes are always getting out of place!

Yes this is what all 3 boy's drawers looked like! Yikes! That is NOT decent or in order!
Aaaaahhh much better! Each drawer should have underwear in the far left corner, undershirts in the upper left corner, pajamas in the middle and shorts on the right side. I wanted to buy some adjustable drawer dividers but they are $15.99 .....crazy I know! This is the kind I am talking about that would work great!

Christians Drawer

Joshua's Drawer
My Craigslist pile I came up with after de-cluttering the drawers =) I will collect clothes no longer in use and then when I get enough of the same size I post a "boys clothes lot" on craigslist to get it out of the house. For now it will go into the garage "sell" box!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Decently and in Order Pt. 10 The Boy's Room Cont'd

The Boy's Closet stores a whole lot of things!

There are games on the top shelf

Two small storage totes that hold cars and miscellaneous toys, the two canvas boxes have swimming pool items.

I organize the boys shirt by color and size. Anyone who knows me, most likely has noticed that my boys are dressed identical or very similar almost always. This is why and how I do it. It saves me a lot of time trying to get them put together and figure out which size is belong's to who. Our boys are stair steps in fact on March 1, they will be 3, 4, and 5 years old! I put the outfits that they would wear on the same day right next to each other from smallest to largest. So when I go to pull out Christian's shirt for the day, Noah and Joshua's shirts are right next to it. There is no digging and searching around for things in here!
Their jeans and khakis are also organized from smallest to largest. Yes we do need all these pants, anyone of these pairs is just one fall on the concrete away from being destroyed!

To the far right of the closet we have camo vests and jump suits

Love this tie and belt hanger it even holds clip on ties!

Hot Wheels race track, train set, zhu zhu pet play place, small legos and zhu zhu pet zip case. (Joshua loves zhu zhu pets!)

Grocery playset with coupons...got to teach them early how to save on groceries...lol =)

More race tracks for Cars 2 characters!

Some puzzles and wooden learning beads.

More legos!

That is all for the boy's closet and I didn't even show you what was in all the green closet maid boxes!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Decently and in Order Pt. 9 The Boys Room Cont'd

This is the nook in the boys room. The place where we store mainly arts and crafts items and more school supplies =) We just this week had to put a lock on the door because we found two days in a row some of the contents dumped out, I am not sure who did it but I have one picture of evidence.......tell me what you think?
Well she can't talk yet but I am sure if she could, she would tell us the same thing the majority usually agree upon...."It was Joshua!"
Here is the cabinet: it is full of everything you could think of for arts and crafts (at least everything I could think of without going overboard)

I love this small drawer it holds scissors, the hole punch, staplers, calculators, color wonder markers, tape and so much more. I have labeled each drawer so I don't mix things up and have to re-organize all the time.

I have a clear show off box that holds coloring books and paint.

There are 11 pencil boxes that hold different items from paint brushes
to wiggle eyes, also labeled.

Up on the shelf I have our "hands on" math stuff: money, clocks and rulers.

Of course every mom's worst nightmare.....Playdoh!

The rewards box holds a binder and things like cars, bubbles, cool pencils and yes candy for the times the kids do something really super awesome and I feel they should be rewarded!

Contrary to popular belief I do NOT throw EVERYTHING away =) I keep things that I feel are very special, like an excellent painting or award from church. This is one thing that must be kept under control because if I kept everything the kids ever did our house would be buried in paper!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Decently and in Order Pt. 8 The Boy's room Cont'd

Today I will be focusing on the armoire, our "entertainment center" in the boy's room. I got this armoire from a scratch and dent baby store for $175. It is solid wood and I am glad because my boys are always crashing into it with their bodies and race cars. It has gotten quite a few more scratch and dents on it in the last 3 years!
I hung a dry erase board on the side of this door so we can put up their memory verses. Noah was sleeping last King's Kids and did not get a memory verse =(. On the top shelf we have a small flat screen, dvd player and leapster/ leap pad storage area. The second shelf holds different color craft paper and flash cards
We have alot of flash cards and brain quests for the kids, so they have their own basket =)
I keep most of their books in these green cubes. I sort them by series, hardback, soft cover, and board books. My favorites are The "If you give a ..." series by Laura Numeroff. Also Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and Petey Yikes.
The first drawer holds extra blankets and pillows.
The bottom drawer stores the larger books that would not fit into the green cubes.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Decently and in Order Pt. 7 The Boys Room

The boys room holds alot of things so this will take a few posts. We have 3 boys in here, all of their clothes, home school supplies, art supplies, games, toys and entertainment center! We had a full finished basement at our last home in Virginia designated as the "play room"; So I knew it was going to be a challenge fitting everything in here but we did it!
Our over the door shoe organizer utilizes otherwise dead space. Each boy has a column, that goes from smallest to largest. The top has socks The two middle rows have shoes that are in between the boy's current sizes and are waiting to be grown into. Then the next rows are slippers, tennis shoes, church shoes, and sandles =)

Homeschool drawers and reward charts

Each boy has a chart and gets paid 5 cents per magnetic sticker he earns. I believe this will teach them that they are rewarded for working, and hope they will never have a "welfare" or "entitlement" attitude that is plaguing our society today.

Each Home School drawer is designated as well with a picture ( This picture idea was taken from a sweet friend at Calvary Baptist Church named Connie.)

Inside the "Mommy" drawer I have my teacher planner, reward stickers, name tags, crayons and pencils.
I will show you what one of the boys' drawers look like...Here is what is inside of Noah's my sweet middle boy =)

Each boys has similar age appropriate school work including handwriting tools, basic skills books and a calender.
The "All" drawer: I guess I will have to add Rachel's face when she starts school in 2 years =)

I keep everything that all the boys should be learning together in here; including the 50 states, US Presidents, Kid's bible, Science book, and Spanish book.

Well, that is all for today. I love seeing how other mom's organize their children's rooms to give me ideas. I hope this helped give someone some idea's as well =)