Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Decently and in Order Pt. 9 The Boys Room Cont'd

This is the nook in the boys room. The place where we store mainly arts and crafts items and more school supplies =) We just this week had to put a lock on the door because we found two days in a row some of the contents dumped out, I am not sure who did it but I have one picture of evidence.......tell me what you think?
Well she can't talk yet but I am sure if she could, she would tell us the same thing the majority usually agree upon...."It was Joshua!"
Here is the cabinet: it is full of everything you could think of for arts and crafts (at least everything I could think of without going overboard)

I love this small drawer it holds scissors, the hole punch, staplers, calculators, color wonder markers, tape and so much more. I have labeled each drawer so I don't mix things up and have to re-organize all the time.

I have a clear show off box that holds coloring books and paint.

There are 11 pencil boxes that hold different items from paint brushes
to wiggle eyes, also labeled.

Up on the shelf I have our "hands on" math stuff: money, clocks and rulers.

Of course every mom's worst nightmare.....Playdoh!

The rewards box holds a binder and things like cars, bubbles, cool pencils and yes candy for the times the kids do something really super awesome and I feel they should be rewarded!

Contrary to popular belief I do NOT throw EVERYTHING away =) I keep things that I feel are very special, like an excellent painting or award from church. This is one thing that must be kept under control because if I kept everything the kids ever did our house would be buried in paper!


Manuela said...

OK, now I know definitely that I will need your help in organization. I like the boy's room. Awesome job, Mom. One critic though: check the sweets (treats) for bad ingredients, i.e. hydrogenated oils, mono dyglicerides, high fructose corn syrup and so on. I learned a lot more the last few years what to avoid. LOL

Logan Family said...

I will help you with whatever you need Manuela, can't wait for you to get here =)LOL Manuela I just got those candies from Church we won a game on Friday night. I usually do not have that in there I try to make a point not to reward them with food most of time =)

Logan Family said...

Okay Manuela, you have successfully convicted me to get that candy out of there from the I ate them j/k. I just ordered some organic lollipops on =)

Anonymous said...

Wow... Really neat. I will wait in line for you to teach me in organization. I just started last week with our guest bathroom and it it felt really good that I " decongested" that under the sink cabinet. You do inspire me. I am a full time night nurse, wife, mom and an active church member. I will attempt to do another room next week. Btw, thank you for posting the Bible way to know Jesus Christ.

redfly said...

Just wanted to stop by and let you know that you are an encouragement!! I saw your article on Money Saving Mom and really enjoyed it. I am also enjoying looking around your blog. I have become one of your followers.

If you get a chance sometime you'll have to stop by my blog.


Logan Family said...

Anonymous, thank you for your compliment, I think the easiest way to organize is to put like items together in it's own box,bin,shelf whatever just in the same place!