Monday, February 6, 2012

Decently and in Order Pt. 7 The Boys Room

The boys room holds alot of things so this will take a few posts. We have 3 boys in here, all of their clothes, home school supplies, art supplies, games, toys and entertainment center! We had a full finished basement at our last home in Virginia designated as the "play room"; So I knew it was going to be a challenge fitting everything in here but we did it!
Our over the door shoe organizer utilizes otherwise dead space. Each boy has a column, that goes from smallest to largest. The top has socks The two middle rows have shoes that are in between the boy's current sizes and are waiting to be grown into. Then the next rows are slippers, tennis shoes, church shoes, and sandles =)

Homeschool drawers and reward charts

Each boy has a chart and gets paid 5 cents per magnetic sticker he earns. I believe this will teach them that they are rewarded for working, and hope they will never have a "welfare" or "entitlement" attitude that is plaguing our society today.

Each Home School drawer is designated as well with a picture ( This picture idea was taken from a sweet friend at Calvary Baptist Church named Connie.)

Inside the "Mommy" drawer I have my teacher planner, reward stickers, name tags, crayons and pencils.
I will show you what one of the boys' drawers look like...Here is what is inside of Noah's my sweet middle boy =)

Each boys has similar age appropriate school work including handwriting tools, basic skills books and a calender.
The "All" drawer: I guess I will have to add Rachel's face when she starts school in 2 years =)

I keep everything that all the boys should be learning together in here; including the 50 states, US Presidents, Kid's bible, Science book, and Spanish book.

Well, that is all for today. I love seeing how other mom's organize their children's rooms to give me ideas. I hope this helped give someone some idea's as well =)

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