Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Family Photos and a Surprise!

It's been almost 2 years since we have had our family pictures done!! I met a sweet lady out at a festival one morning in Suffolk and we exchanged info and became friends. She gave me her biz card for photos and I told her when we need our pictures done we would definitely call her! I love to support other moms! Since we live so close to a lot of little beaches off shore of Virginia Beach I thought it would be fun to do a shoot in the sand!

Chris and I after 11 years of marriage and 6 children!

Just me and the kiddos!

Just dad and the kiddos!


The children which the Lord hath graciously granted His servants!!!

Look at this kid!! He is so grown up now!! Christian is 10 and towering over his siblings!

Then there is Noah who is a spitting image of Chris!

My sweet Joshua who everyone says looks like me because of his light hair and freckles!

The one and only Logan girl; Miss Rachel as pretty as can be!

Gideon who was less than thrilled to be taking pictures.

and Mr. Moses who is the family baby .........but not for long!!!!


Saturday, April 23, 2016

Cloth diaper check in ....1 year later

We are still going strong with cloth diapering 1
year later and are well past the break even point on our craigslist diaper investment last year! We have decided to use the disposable liners that are about 2 cents each but are so extremely handy when you have a baby/toddler eating solid foods! It's so hard to believe our Moses is 18 months!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Baby Wearing Meeting

Hello all in blogger land! I almost forgot I had a blog I used to write on....lololol. Nothing to major going on besides normal life with 6 kids, homeschooling and using essential oils everyday...lololol.

We decided to do something different yesterday and go to a baby wearing meeting! Usually we are just overwhelmed with life and church activities but wanted to expand our adventures and meet new people!  So off we went with the whole family! We met some super nice people and I got to try my hand at a woven wrap!!!
 And did I mention my husband is awesome and was one of only 4 men there learning about baby wearing...lololol.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fall Update

 Well Hello!!! Long time no post! It is Nov. 5 already!! So much as happened for starters we have a one year old now!!!
 And we have really kicked things up a notch in our clean living with the help of Young Living Oils and fun friends who are detoxing their homes as well!
 Alot of People complain about the price of Young Living but YL is undeniably the world leader in essential oils and have their own farms all over the world with a seed to seal process =). However if you are a wholesale member there are tons of freebies through the autoship program called essential rewards. When you spend a minimum of 50Pv you get rewards points back first 10%, then 15% after 6 months, then 20% after 1 year!! Also in addition to the points for free stuff you get free products at certain amounts for each order. For example last month with a 190 pv order you got free thieves and clove oil, then with 250pv the thieves, clove and 20 extra reward points, then with 300pv the thieves, clove, 20 extra points and a free diffuser!!! So in the end it makes their products close to half off of wholesale price! Plus the Lord has blessed us to have friends order with us each month and so all of everything in the picture above didn't have to touch our family's bank account!
 I also have been making these cute diffuser necklaces to give to friends that order with us or people that come to our classes we teach on the oils =)
As for how our homeschool year is going...well its going....lol =)

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Summer Time is Over!!!

Soooo I totally locked myself out of my account and our computer has been on the fritz!!! So I reset my password and I am typing on my phone incase anyone is worried about what happened  to me lol. .....school is back in session, we have been oiling up everything with our Young Living Oils and having fun meeting and connecting with new people and neighbors! Love our church family and thankful for God's mercy on our life!!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Party for 75!

My nieces Jayla and Charlly go away with their dad for the entire month of July and my sweet Noah is always so sad they cannot come sing happy birthday to him on his birthday! My sister wanted to do a party for my niece Charlly whose birthday is also in July before they left for the month. I wanted Noah to be able to celebrate with his cousin, so we decided to do a double party for them both at my house! We started to think of who to invite and didn't want anyone to feel left out so we invited pretty much everyone we could think of......many of our friends and family were not able to make it out....but about 75 people did come!

Our first guest was Grandma!
We ordered 18 pizzas at Little Ceasers, made a veggie tray, 2 fruit bowls, rotel dip and chips, two pitchers of lemonade tea and also had soda cans!

To prepare for such a large crowd in a 2,000 sqft. home we set up the trampolines and swing sets in the front yard so people could sit on the porch and still keep an eye on their kiddos.

One problem....it started to pour down buckets of rain and lots of thunder and lightening forcing all 75 people into the house! It was crazy but fun!

There were children everywhere.....in the living room,

 in the kitchen,

on the stairs,

 in Rachel's room

 and in the boy's room.

The craziest part was the pinata when all 40 plus kids gathered in the kitchen! Praise the Lord no one was injured....lol

Noah says thank you to everyone who came to celebrate his birthday with him!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Cute and Covered Swim Dresses

 I was so excited when my boys brought a priority mail bag into the house today! I looked at the return address and sure enough it was from Cute and Covered!

I was so surprised because I just ordered Saturday afternoon and they were shipping all the way from Arizona! (Today is Monday and we live in Virginia)

Rachel and I immediately tried them on and they fit perfectly.  I ordered a large since the baby weight is very slowly coming off this time around...lol. Rachel is 4 and a half but I ordered her a size 6 and am hoping to get 3 seasons out of these dresses =). Can't wait to go swimming! The material is very soft and I love that there are shorts underneath that go to the knee to cover our nakedness =) Yes your thighs are nakedness even in 2015, modesty is not a part of the ordinances like different foods Gods people  can and cannot eat so we still need to obey this command =).

Exodus 28:42
And thou shalt make them linen breeches to cover their nakedness; from the loins even unto the thighs they shall reach:

You can order your own fabric, sew patterns,  or proffesional ready made swim dresses at cuteandcovered.com