Thursday, May 31, 2012

Goodbye Gold: How to Spray Paint Outdoor Light Fixtures

 I was changing the light bulb outside the other night and just hated how rusty and crusty these light fixtures were! I priced some Outdoor light fixtures and to get them in bronze was going to run from $30-$60 each! Then I thought about that can of oil rubbed bronze spray paint in the garage!

 Chris did the electrical work.

 I spray painted and cleaned the glass

This is so much better and will hold me off from getting new ones for a while =)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Organization Inspiration: Cloth Bin Labels

 I have been wanting to label these cloth bins in the boys room for quite some time. I finally got around to it!

 I ordered some laminating luggage tags on Amazon for like $7 for 50 of them as part of my Mother's Day organizing shopping spree......I don't know why but I was thinking that they laminated themselves. They do not laminate themselves. I do not have a laminator. I did not want to buy a laminator. I got out my double sided sticky tape and stuck it on both sides of the paper to label and it worked great!

 Inside the armoir.

 On top of the armoir.
 On the corner nook shelf.

 In the closet. I know you are just dying to see what is in all of these closet this should quench your curiosity =)

 Play food grocery check out set.
 Cars 2 race track sets.
 Dress up hats.
 Little People airplane and Leap Frog school bus.
Melissa and Doug tools.

Since these labels are just sticky taped. I might go back later and do something more fun with the labels =)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bible Baptist Bus Ministry Update: May 27, 2012

Today was the 6th week of the Bus Ministry @ Bible Baptist Church! 
Today we had 8 Bus Riders which is the most we have had so far =). I am so humbled that God would use Chris and I to bring these children to church. This is a view from the back seat. I had to sit in the back this morning because they just needed some more supervision.......  The children riding range from 5 years old to 13 years old. They are a rowdy bunch to say the least. Most of the riders do not like to stay seated and cannot focus for more than a minute or two. Some come from homes where there is cursing, alcohol, missing parents, neglect, abuse both physical and drug.
     We got all of them King James Bibles last week and they seemed excited to learn what God has to say. They are understanding sin and God's laws, Judgment, and Christ's sacrifice. In fact one of the girls asked me this past week what she needed to do to be saved. She was confused about baptism saving someone, God's grace sealing you forever, and repentance. I am confident in due season God's Harvest will be Great from this ministry. Please take a moment to pray for these children.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Fabulous Finds Friday's: May 25, 2012 Yardsale

 I saw a sign for a yard sale again today on my morning run! This time I had to hurry back home because Chris had to leave for work. I got the kids up and ready and we all headed out to the yard sale even Brownley on Rachel's lap! That little puppy will not walk on a leash to save his life! He is still very small at only 8 weeks old though =)

 The boy's were pretty disappointed the yard sale was hosted by a newly wed couple and so NO kid stuff! 

Here is what I got:
2 Plastic organizers: 10 cents ea.
3 hole punchers: 5 cents ea.
round blue candle: 25 cents
cylinder blue canle: 10 cents
2 gray bottle things: 25 cents ea.
Total $1.20

The plastic organizers were put in Chris' side of the bathroom drawer.

 I put the candles up on top of the book shelf.

These little bottle things I put on the shelf in my room by the flashlights. Not too sure how I like these there.....I need to come up with something cuter to put here....

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Organization Inspiration: Dollar Tree Bins in Kid's Drawers

 The boy's socks and underwear are always getting mixed around in their drawers. This picture is not even close to what it usually looks like!

 I saw these really cute bins at Dollar Tree on Saturday and thought they should work great!

 The socks and underwear fit perfectly!

 The bins fit in the drawers perfectly too!

So for all the boys drawers to get organized the total was $6 ....way cheaper than the adjustable drawer dividers I was originally planning to buy!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Organization Inspiration: Closet Rod Dividers

Since all 3 boys share a closet and either Joshua and Noah can wear a couple of the same sizes and Christian and Noah can wear a couple of the same sizes. So  I couldn't separate the pants for just Christian, Noah and Joshua. I saw these closet rod dividers on an organizing youtube video and thought this would be perfect! Also they were only $0.99 each!

 The boys have pant sizes from size 3T to size 8! The pants would always get mixed up after laundry and now they will be so much easier to find =)

 To label them I just printed out the sizes on printer paper and clear taped them on top =)

Does anyone else out there have kids so close together that they can interchange pants sizes ? =)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Fabulous Finds Friday's

Can you believe every time I try and go on a run in the morning Thursday- Saturday there are arrows pointing me to a garage sale? I finished my 2 miles first before stopping this time though!

 These place mats were just $0.25 each!

They have a really nice bamboo weave that matches with our neutral colors.

 Then this Cracker Barrel Box for $0.75 caught my eye....and I thought:  I could organize something in here.......I just didn't know what til' I got back home. You know I had to stick a chalkboard sticker on it !!

It is going to hold some tea =) I wish they had 2 more of these there!

 This little plaque is the first piece of decor with "color" in it in our home. We are planning to bring in some blue in the living/dining/kitchen area! This was like new and $2.

 There were a bunch of empty little jewelry boxes. I bought 6 of them at $0.04 each. When I picked them up I thought there was something little I could organize somewhere in my I started opening cabinets and searching for something...I am crazy I know =) Then I found the perfect thing that needed some more order in my laundry room mini drawers!

 Also found some toothpicks in an ugly cardboard box that look much cooler in here!
 The boys Sunday School class made cards with flower seeds in them for Mother's Day, so I picked up these little glasses both for $0.45. I am going to spray paint them oil rubbed bronze when I get some more paint.
Lastly I found this nice cork board for the boys room for just $0.75! That is all for now! My husband is starting to think of getting me a treadmill so I stop running by all these yard sales =)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Organization Inspiration: Chalkboard Stickers

 Chris asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day and of course I wanted stuff to organize! I ordered some chalkboard sticker labels! Upon closer inspection of these they are just vinyl......I could have totally saved $9 and got some chalkboard spray paint for my vinyl and cut them with my cricut! 

 I have been really label happy this afternoon during quiet time!

 They work great on canisters!

 They even stick on the baskets up top!

 In the laundry room cabinet I found something I could stick them on too!

I even labeled Chris' drawers! I think he will be really excited....or =)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Organization Inspiration: Labeling Adapter Cords

I don't know if I am the only one who gets annoyed when trying to figure out which adapter goes to what!
I was wanting to upload some pics from my camera. I hardly ever use my "real" camera anymore after getting my smart phone, but for some things I like to use it.
I looked for the adapter in our cord box and tried out 5 different ones before figuring out which one worked with the camera!

 Then I thought I need to label these somehow......I do not have a label maker and do not wish to spend any $ on one right now. So I just typed up the labels and printed them out on plain printer paper.

 Then I cut the label out and taped it on the cord.

Looks pretty professional if you ask me =)

Meet Brownley: A Cairn Terrier Chihuahua Mix


We are Pleased to Announce that God has added a new member to our family. His name is Brownley. He came into our lives rather suddenly. We have been wanting a dog since we first bought our home 7 months ago and even put a deposit on a maltipoo in January, but the timing just wasn't right. Then last Sunday night after evening service one of the families approached my husband about a puppy they wanted to find a home for. By the time I gathered the children and headed outside Chris already had the puppy in his hands and the kids loved him.  Still we decided to go home and pray about it research the breeds and price the supplies. 
     It turns out there is not too much info online of the mix of cairn terrier and chihuahua. This is all I could find. 

(CairnHuaHuas) (Cairin-Chi) (Cairnchi)
Cairn Terrier / Chihuahua Hybrid Dogs

The Toxirn is not a purebred dog. It is a cross between the Cairn Terrier and the Chihuahua.
     The carin terrier has a great reputation. This breed was made famous by the movie "The Wizard of Oz." Toto is a cairn terrier. Chihuaha's I am not too fond of becuase the only one I have met was really grouchy! With love and proper training our puppy should turn out to be quite the model dog citizen! 

 I am learning all about crate training.

 Christian is very good with him so far.

 Joshua is a little rough so he must be supervised with little Brownley.

 He whined in his crate the first night.
 Rachel likes him from a distance.

 He falls asleep just about anywhere.

 He has been going potty outside more than inside so far =)

 Noah recreating a scene from the Wizard of Oz......he has never seen the movie

Rachel is still adjusting to him =)