Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Goal Review


April was such a beautiful month. I love spring! There was Easter, the start of the bus ministry, and at the end of the month my favorite German accent was heard in person with a visit from the Gohn family.    Then to end the month off with encouragement the Crumpton Family is at our church doing a family conference! Now time to review my goals again!

1) Read through the bible in one year: Last month's reading focused in Joshua, Judges, Proverbs, Psalms, Acts, James, Peter and 1 &2 Corinthians. I love some of those well known Verses like in Joshua, " As for me and My House we will serve the Lord." and "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved." found in Acts!

2) Read 6 books: This month I finished reading Notes, Quotes and Poems which is a compilation of many different books including the famous Proverbs and Eat that Frog. I guess you could classify it as a self help book it is from my husband's insurance company so I figured I should read whatever he is reading too so we can stay on the same page. One of my favorite quotes is, "When you tell yourself that you are doing all you can, you are essentially giving yourself a way out. Only when you ask yourself what more can you do, will your mind provide you with an answer."

3) Pass out a gospel tract to every store clerk : I gave out a tract a Bed Bath and Beyond when I got our juicer, a few on craigslist sales and 8 tracts at Walmart....I know those Walmart clerks think I am a nutcase by now but until they come to church they will still get tracts! 

4) Eat out only once a week: We only went out 3 times last month and there were 5 weekends....that is very good for us!

5) Run 7.5 miles a week: I ran 44 miles last month!

6) In home dvd work out once a week:  I taebo'd 8 times.

7) Take vitamins and juice daily: I am thankful that we finally got a new juicer! I forgot my vitamins 4 times last month and did not juice everyday!

8) Reduce weight to 130 lbs.: This morning I was down to 133.2 still 3.2 lbs away from my goal. I am happy with my waist size though =) I measured this morning at 27 inches!

Yep 27 inches! 
 No I am not sucking it in.....
 This is me sucking it in in case you didn't believe the first picture...lol.

9) Keep up with hair cuts quarterly: I trimmed my hair and gave myself some bangs.

10) Improve Home Organization: I created a tax binder for Chris' insurance business records. I will blog more about this later =)


natalia said...

Good exercise work! I need to star running but I csn't find the time :( my kids wake up at 6 am every single day and by night I am just too tired :(. They go to sleep at 8:00 anf that,s usually the time to talk to my husband and have everyihing ready for the next day. I weight 135 lbs, my pre pg weigth was 125 lbs but my waist size is almost 31 :(:( you think that by only running I can loose at least 5" of waist size?.. Any suggestions.... :)

Logan Family said...

Natalia, you sound pretty small =) But how tall are you? To loose more weight in the waist it is going to be more of your diet than exercise. You have to eat a lot of foods that have fiber in it like raw fruits and veggies and get a juicer if you can afford one =) You will most likely want to do a some kind of cleanse to clean out your colon. That is how I got my waist down after babies. I run really slow like 11-12 minute miles when I run 2 miles. It takes only 25 minutes which is not a lot of time =)I think it is more mental than anything =)

natalia said...

I'm 5"4' I do have a juicer I will search to do the cleanse I have no idea what I need to take. Also can you give an idea how you lunch and dinner are?
Thank you!!!!!:)

Logan Family said...

Oh okay, you are not too short....lol. I am 5'6. I do not eat much for breakfast. The kids eat cereal/toast or oatmeal sometimes I will have a small bowl or eat their leftovers. I usually am not very hungry in the morning or maybe because there is so much to get going on in the morning, eating is the last thing on my mind. Then I will have some juice with carrots, spinach, apples and or oranges. I have never done an official "cleanse" because I have been pregnant and or breastfeeding since June 2005! I went on a raw food and juice diet for a month back in 2008 and it really flattened my stomach out! I don't have a 6 pack abs or anything...lol, but I know it was the food because I didn't change too drastically what I was doing for excersize!

natalia said...

Thanks for the info I m going to try the cleanse :)