Monday, May 28, 2012

Organization Inspiration: Cloth Bin Labels

 I have been wanting to label these cloth bins in the boys room for quite some time. I finally got around to it!

 I ordered some laminating luggage tags on Amazon for like $7 for 50 of them as part of my Mother's Day organizing shopping spree......I don't know why but I was thinking that they laminated themselves. They do not laminate themselves. I do not have a laminator. I did not want to buy a laminator. I got out my double sided sticky tape and stuck it on both sides of the paper to label and it worked great!

 Inside the armoir.

 On top of the armoir.
 On the corner nook shelf.

 In the closet. I know you are just dying to see what is in all of these closet this should quench your curiosity =)

 Play food grocery check out set.
 Cars 2 race track sets.
 Dress up hats.
 Little People airplane and Leap Frog school bus.
Melissa and Doug tools.

Since these labels are just sticky taped. I might go back later and do something more fun with the labels =)


Manuela said...

The only problem with these labels are that the kids can't read them. For little kids you can use little pics instead, like a train, or the pic of a car, and so on. Just a thought. I like your organizations though.

Logan Family said...

Christian can read them =) I saw the picture labels on another blog, but I didn't want to waste all the ink...I will probably go back and do that one day =)