Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Organization Inspiration: Labeling Adapter Cords

I don't know if I am the only one who gets annoyed when trying to figure out which adapter goes to what!
I was wanting to upload some pics from my camera. I hardly ever use my "real" camera anymore after getting my smart phone, but for some things I like to use it.
I looked for the adapter in our cord box and tried out 5 different ones before figuring out which one worked with the camera!

 Then I thought I need to label these somehow......I do not have a label maker and do not wish to spend any $ on one right now. So I just typed up the labels and printed them out on plain printer paper.

 Then I cut the label out and taped it on the cord.

Looks pretty professional if you ask me =)


Blythe said...

I just did something similar! I too was tired of a drawer full of weird cords that I had no idea what they went to. So my husband and I dumped the drawer and got to work. Surprisingly, we got rid of A LOT of them because they were for things we no longer had. The rest are now labeled and bagged. yay :) I like your ingenuity of labeling without a labeler too :)

Logan Family said...

It seems like everything you buy these days comes with a usb cord or two even kid toys it is insane! What did you do to label yours?

Blythe said...

I used my labeler :) I got one (finally!) for my birthday in December--it is amazing! I have stopped just short of actually labeling my labeler...I'm a bit of a nut about organizing :) But I love that my cords are now labeled - it used to drive me nuts too.

Logan Family said...

lol, that would be great to label your label maker!!