Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Organization Inspiration: Dollar Tree Bins in Kid's Drawers

 The boy's socks and underwear are always getting mixed around in their drawers. This picture is not even close to what it usually looks like!

 I saw these really cute bins at Dollar Tree on Saturday and thought they should work great!

 The socks and underwear fit perfectly!

 The bins fit in the drawers perfectly too!

So for all the boys drawers to get organized the total was $6 ....way cheaper than the adjustable drawer dividers I was originally planning to buy!


Michele said...

I love this idea!! Looks great! You are such an inspiration...need you to come work your magic at my house! ;)

Logan Family said...

Thanks Michele, Organizing a home is like the slogan at Lowe's "never stop improving"...lol, it just seems there is always something somewhere that needs tweeking =)