Friday, May 4, 2012

Preventative Cleaning

Don't you ever just wish that once you cleaned something it could just stay clean?
Do you remember last month when Money Saving Mom assigned to clean the top of your cabinets how disgusting mines were?....If you don't remember here is what they looked like.

and then the after 40 minutes maybe even an hour of scrubbing!

Presto Cleano!
Well I came up with a really great idea to never have to do that again! Actually it was my next door neighbor Heather's idea. Well actually it wasn't her idea either she found it on Pinterest. Who has any original ideas these days anymore with the Anyway it was a great idea I decided I would share with the rest of the world who didn't see it already on Pinterest, or facebook or wherever else these idea's come from!

Just line the top of your cabinets with wax paper =) Why couldn't I think of that???

I will let you know how it looks in a few months!


Jeanneke said...

I line the tops of my cabinets with old newspapers, like my mother used to do. Cheap, easy, clean and out of sight:>)
Up there nobody's living, we use to say.



Logan Family said...

That is great idea too and more cost effective than the wax paper too =) My mom did not teach me any cleaning =)