Friday, May 11, 2012

Yard Sale Jackpot!

 Yesterday Morning I went out for my 2 mile run (slow jog) but then I only made it .25 miles before I found a fatabulous yard sale! I found classic books like The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Corduroy, How Much I Love You and Berenstein Bears for $0.10 each! 

 Then there were brand new hand crafted cars $3 each.

 I got Rachel the baby doll with the hooded towel on for $1.

 Then I looked at the clothes rack and found a Calvin Klein dress in my size (10). I tried it on over my running clothes and a perfect fit!

 I love it =)

 A Banana Republic jacket for $1.00!

The jean jacket works nice to cover up my flabby =) 

 It is getting a little hot for a jean jacket though, so i put on this light sweater over the dress, which will work too =)

 A pretty brown dress for $2.00!

 I like the empire waist a lot! I will have to find a little sweater to put over my arms though =)
 2 highcut t shirts that were Anne Klein and Charter Club. High cut shirts are hard to find these days so $1.00 each was a great find to me!

Finally I found some wooden yo-yo's with our home team on them! We are from Alexandria, VA and so the Redskins are "our" team. I don't really care much for football though =) I like to tease my mom and call them the Dead =)


kelly d. said...

Awesome finds! I love a good yard sale.

Anonymous said...

That is great!!

By the way, that type of waist is called an "empire waist" not umpire. It was first seen in the First French Empire, hence the name. ;)

Here is the wikipedia article about it:


Logan Family said...

Thanks Kelly d. =) I can't believe I didn't yard sale until 3 years ago!
Thanks for the correction and insight into the word =) Spell checker doesn't always work .....I should invent a sentence context checker and sell it to Microsoft for $42 billion dollars =)