Friday, May 25, 2012

Fabulous Finds Friday's: May 25, 2012 Yardsale

 I saw a sign for a yard sale again today on my morning run! This time I had to hurry back home because Chris had to leave for work. I got the kids up and ready and we all headed out to the yard sale even Brownley on Rachel's lap! That little puppy will not walk on a leash to save his life! He is still very small at only 8 weeks old though =)

 The boy's were pretty disappointed the yard sale was hosted by a newly wed couple and so NO kid stuff! 

Here is what I got:
2 Plastic organizers: 10 cents ea.
3 hole punchers: 5 cents ea.
round blue candle: 25 cents
cylinder blue canle: 10 cents
2 gray bottle things: 25 cents ea.
Total $1.20

The plastic organizers were put in Chris' side of the bathroom drawer.

 I put the candles up on top of the book shelf.

These little bottle things I put on the shelf in my room by the flashlights. Not too sure how I like these there.....I need to come up with something cuter to put here....

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