Monday, May 21, 2012

Organization Inspiration: Closet Rod Dividers

Since all 3 boys share a closet and either Joshua and Noah can wear a couple of the same sizes and Christian and Noah can wear a couple of the same sizes. So  I couldn't separate the pants for just Christian, Noah and Joshua. I saw these closet rod dividers on an organizing youtube video and thought this would be perfect! Also they were only $0.99 each!

 The boys have pant sizes from size 3T to size 8! The pants would always get mixed up after laundry and now they will be so much easier to find =)

 To label them I just printed out the sizes on printer paper and clear taped them on top =)

Does anyone else out there have kids so close together that they can interchange pants sizes ? =)


Melissa said...

I went and watched the video link you posted a few days ago (where the inspiration for the dividers came from) - I LOVED IT. I don't have kiddos that can interchange their clothe....yet. Once our third baby is born in July, our two boys will only be 18 months apart and at that point, I'm sure I will need these dividers! Great idea!!!

Melissa said...


Logan Family said...

I am glad you got a chance to watch it Melissa =). I made my husband watch it too since he thinks I am over the top in organizing =)Yes 18 months apart will definitely be mixing clothes up sooner than later =)

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