Saturday, January 18, 2014

Organization Inspiration: Rachel's Hair bows

What is the occasion for this fine vinyl cricut label you ask?

 Since our move to Hampton, VA Rachel's hair bows have been in travel

 I color coded all the bows into baggies to keep things sorted out while on the move. Some of the plastic baggies were starting to wear out and so I figured it was time for them to find a more permanent home =)

 I found these boxes in the jewelry section at Walmart they had pink latches and they were $4 each =)

It will be much easier to quickly locate the appropriate color and bow type now =).

Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Very First Organizing Client!

Today I had the privilege to organize for my very first client! Looks like God has changed "Decently and In Order Organizing" from a day dream job to a reality! I am just so excited for my sweet friend Lisa and her kiddos to have a great fun organized place to play now =). She also gave me permission to use her real name and pictures of her kids =). 

 Here is what was going on when I first arrived yesterday.!

 Things were really not that bad at all mom just needed some encouragement to whip things into shape!

In that bucket by the fireplace are about 50 matchbox cars! 

 Just a few stuffed animals were kept. Lisa did an excellent job purging the clutter I wish I had taken a picture of her get rid of bag!

 I got this pair of baskets for her at Walmart for $13 and the labels at the dollar section at Target and I printed a label on top of the label with my label maker.

 There will be no more toys in this corner so nobody trips while playing air hockey! This is her daughter Layla and she is just the cutest thing!

So peaceful now!

 I custom made all of these labels with my cricut and then Lisa's teenage daughter laminated and used velcro to stick them on! The shelf is from Target and is on sale this week for $33. The bins are also from Target and are on sale for about $5.50 each.

 Cars cars and more cars!!

To make this project happen I first did an in home assessment to plan what tools to buy. Then I went shopping, made labels at home and came back the next day to tackle the project! All of that took about 4 hours total and was definitely worth it to have a happy momma!

I was so excited to see 6 year old Patrick put away his toys in the exact bin they belonged in before we left! This lets me know this family has said goodbye to a messy playroom for good!
 Oh and did I mention we did this all with 7 kids 7 and under playing in the room with us? .....And special thanks to my husband for coming and putting the shelf together =). Until next time Let all things be done decently and in order =)