Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hair Cut!

My hair had gotten so super long, when I wore it down and someone sat next to me on the couch it would get pulled, It would get tangled and take like 10 minutes to comb through it sometimes! Since I had so much I figured why not donate?

I think I am donating to Pantene since they give their wigs for free!
Photo: All the kids are looking at me like a
I feel like it's a news reporter hair cut =)


Jenn in Indiana said...

Super cute, Kelly! I bet it feels so much lighter. You looked beautiful either way!

Kelly Logan said...

Thanks Jenn! I am still getting used to it! It's so weird to not be able to use a ponytail holder!

Manuela said...

I really like it, Kelly. Looks cute! You got the same haircut as mine. Mine is just a little bit shorter! Hope all is well with you guys. Sure miss you!

Lindsey said...

You look like a different person! Looks really good!