Monday, March 10, 2014

My First Month with the Pampered Chef

    Back in January I was invited to a Pampered Chef show and my sister decided to buy me some kitchen items as a thank you for organizing her home =). I have always loved Pampered Chef products and at our estate sale I sold them all; so I was so grateful that my sister bought me some replacement items =). I had never hosted a show before; I had always only been a guest so I decided to host my own show a week later =). Not having a huge network and attending a small church I had only 5 ladies come to my show. I had 3 outside orders come in, two of which were out of town  (Thanks Ashlee and Tara) So with only 8 orders I got to order $60 of free products, 2 half off products and I got the chopper on host special for just $12!. Of course the consultant offered the business opportunity upon booking a show. I took the papers home looked at them and thought 20% commission..... that's not much.....but my husband said yes we will do it and so I signed up for the $169 kit which comes with over $600 of Pampered Chef products and business supplies. So worst case scenario I figured I will have gotten an amazing discount on great products. I set out to book 4 shows for the first month since you get a special bonus of $100 Pampered Chef bucks for hitting $1250 in sales your first month!
Photo: Yay! another reward! I get $100 Pampered Chef dollars for having 3 cooking shows my first month! Not to mention the paycheck I will be getting! God is good!
 My sister, and three friends Emily, Tara and Lisa booked cooking shows for February and they were all great shows! Also my nieces grandmother booked a catalog show! So with 5 shows the total came to $2,023 in sales. I was totally surprised at the blessing! Also one of my host's facebook friends decided to sign up through my website and I got a little extra override and bonus for that =) I also promoted to Senior Consultant. Totally God's blessing I did nothing special. I am truly excited for the rewards given to our family! The best part is that 3 of the shows my family and nursing baby came right along with me so I didn't have to sacrifice family time =). My husband is a great support to me and I couldn't have done it without him =). I am going to ask God for just 2 shows a month to stay active until the home school year is over =).
Here is my first commission statement!

Photo: Praise the Lord my first reward from the Pampered Chef! The choice between the brownie pan and spatula or $10 PC bucks. I am going with the brownie pan of course! All I did was submit two shows for the month!
In addition to the cash I earned $200 of Pampered Chef Bucks and a free brownie pan and mini spatula =) I will earn another $100 Pampered Chef bucks if the new consultant who signed under me earns another couple hundred dollars in the next week =) I plan on sharing some of that reward with my friend who connected us on facebook =).


Kara Bullock said...

So grateful to have you on my team, Kelly. You are such a blessing, and I am humbled by your sweet spirit and attitude of always putting God first in everything you do. Thank you for that testimony. Great job in your first month of business! And awesome paycheck! You got over 20% in commission just by selling more. Some direct selling companies have higher commission rates but they also have higher business expenses for their consultants. It's all about doing what you love! Hugs, Kara

Rhonda said...

Good for you! Pampered chef is a great company.