Thursday, January 31, 2013

Home Binder

Sorry if this is boring it is pretty much a repeat of our important papers and documents binder, but with our home records =) We again use a five star binder to store everything.

 The cover page has a picture of our house and our address....I am hoping I don't have any stalkers but just in case I covered our address....I am sure with technology these days someone could find me anyway if they really wanted =)

The table of contents

 The tabs are pretty self explanatory:


 We have been keeping our appliance booklets.  I am wondering if we should really keep them because they take up so much space and I could just find them online if I really needed them.

 Lastly we have maintenance stuff like our termite treatment and storm door instillation.

 I like binders and dividers it just makes me so happy to flip through everything so nice and organized!

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Kelly Logan said...

I accidentally deleted a comment somehow (fat pregnant fingers I guess) But Tee, in the utilities section we just keep the latest bill which usually has the usage chart on it from the last year. =)