Monday, January 28, 2013

Important Papers and Documents Binder

Here is our binder system for finding important papers =)

The Cover Page =)

On each tabbed page we have a table of contents for each section.


  I put our Social Security cards in an envelope so they don't fall out of the sheet protector.

Our Car Title

 Phone (T-Mobile Contract)

 Paid in Full

 Our Church Constitution

 Life Insurance


 We keep his vaccine and health records.

Air Force


How Does everyone else out there keep up with their family documents?
Does everyone keep them in a fireproof safe?...I have been thinking of getting one =)


Michele said...

Kelly, your binder is amazing! WE have stuff in several places, including a fireproof safe, but I love the way you have yours organized. hmmmm, maybe this needs to be on my project organize list!

Shanna said...

I just had to say seeing the SS card # on here makes me nervous. The numbers are not very visible but with the technogoly we have out there these days & the fact that anybody can see your website I'd take down the pic of it. Just my 2 cents worth b/c I'm just paranoid that way. lol

Kelly Logan said...

Shanna, thanks for looking out =), the social security card is just a clip art that says "novelty" for the name. The real cards are in the envelope =)
Michelle I love using the binder, we had papers in a couple different places before and it really annoyed me guessing which place a certain paper might be. I will be doing our taxes.binder and house binder soon =)

Shanna said...

It looked so real. LOL Good to know it was a fake. Your binder has inspired me to make one for my stuff. I get so tired of trying to find everything when I need something.

Kelly Logan said...

Lol, I actually have accidentally posted our ss # on facebook b4 because it was printed at the top of my daughters sonogram picture.....luckily a friend inboxed me asap and let me know =). I wish the pictures didnt come out so blurry, I want to get one of those fancy cameras one day =). Have fun organizing your papers =)

Lisa said...

girl we store everything in a crate box LOL I LOVE your binder, that is something I'm going to do for our family. I think you would be great going to people houses and help them organize...wouldn't that be a great t.v show on TLC lol

Kelly Logan said...

Thanks Lisa =) I always said I was going to go to Charlotte's house and make a video documentary of her I wish I would have done before and after photos of when I lived with =)

Ruby said...

It is a rule of thumb that we must take care of important documents to avoid losing them. Being disorganized is the leading reason a lot of people lose birth certificates, house ownership documents and many more. Kudos to keeping yours intact and well-kept. Thanks for sharing! :)

Ruby Badcoe @ Williams Data Management

Kelly Logan said...

Thank you Ruby =). I just love organizing =)