Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How to Make a Home Birth Bed

It is almost time to have our baby at home Lord willing! My sweet midwife gave me instructions on how to properly make a home birth bed. Chris and I got our bed all ready last weekend! This picture has nothing to do with making a bed but this Barbie photo cracks me up....lol.

So first we put down a flannel table cloth and fitted mattress protector.

Then a set of black sheets.

Then a plastic mattress protector.

 Then a set of grey sheets

Then we put our regular pillows and comforter back on! 
So hopefully we will keep our mattress well protected!
Please Pray our midwife makes it on time too she is in Joplin about an hour away!


Jessica said...

That Barbie photo is hilarious.haha
Hope your birth goes well!
We are now expecting our third baby.:-) I am almost 8 weeks along. We are going to meet with a home birth midwife in a couple weeks. Exciting.

Kelly Logan said...

Congrats Jessica!!! That is so exciting. I only interviewed one midwife before we decided to go with her. I love my midwife she is so sweet and I feel so confident in her.....just hope this baby doesn't come flying out like the rest of them and cause my hubby to have to deliver....lol =)