Monday, March 19, 2012

The Moby Wrap Rap ( My Ode to the Moby Wrap)

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Moby Wrap and am not an advertiser for them, I was just being silly and came up with this song! Also I do not condone rap music...this is more of a poem =)

At Home the Park or the Mall
Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall
I wrap my baby big or small

Face them front or turn them around
In the Moby they are safe and sound
The world's best baby wrap I am so glad that I found

In the grocery cart your baby is crying and screaming
While mines in the Moby is sleeping and dreaming
Getting my groceries with out effort it's seeming

Want to get in shape? This is better than a weight vest!
Don't believe me put it to the test.
Keep wrapping your baby and you will look your best!

Some mom's say this will make your baby so spoiled
Well don't look at me when your shopping plans are foiled
When your baby's face turns red after you have labored and toiled

Don't like baby wearing? At me don't get mad!
But I really hate to see your baby so sad
Do me a favor at least get a wrap for Dad!


BeeBubbaBella said...

I tried the Moby and I personally didn't like it (so I sent it to Pris ;)) but I L-O-V-E my Ergo Carrier =)

Logan Family said...

I never tried the Ergo just because it was way more expensive than the moby ...but I am sure you won yours on a sweeps!!! =)

Shelby said...

I have never tried the Moby, but it makes me want to try one;)

Logan Family said...

Shelby, if you have any kids under 1 I would definitely try one. One my friends got her Moby on Ebay for $12!

Florence said...

That last picture is priceless!

Logan Family said...

Lol, Yes I know everyone is always surprised to see my hubby with the Moby Wrap on, being a 6ft tall, 200lb man... =)