Friday, March 30, 2012

Thinking Outside the Bank: How to Give without Spending More Money

Due to some recent budget cuts in the Logan Household while we wait on the Lord's will and timing with Chris' new career, I am coming up with some creative ways to still give that I would like to share =) These ideas are nothing new under the sun but needed to be rediscovered in our home!

1) Make a Homemade card
Since I have a cricut and scrapbooking supplies on hand already this is easy for me to do, but you don't need all the scrapbooking things that I have to make a home made card; paper and markers work just as well and it has more meaning to people that you used your time to make it =)

2) Make Something Yummy!
Chocolate granola bars: This is my new favorite thing to make for special people =) The only downside to making something yummy is that you might end up eating half of the batter.

3) Use Gift Cards Given to You on Others

We received a Kohls gift card from my in laws last Christmas and never used it, so when I saw on Money Saving Mom a couple weeks ago that Kohls was having free shipping and 20% off the light bulb came on that this would be the perfect way to send my mom a birthday present without spending money from our bank account!

4) Trade Some Old Things For Something New
Here in Springfield, Missouri we have a really great store called Other Mother's that you can trade in clothes and get store credit. Many of the items people trade in are new with tags on them!

When I wanted to send something for a sweet friend in Virginia that is having a baby boy I knew I could use store credit I earned trading in my kids old clothes to get her something new for her baby....She never would know I didn't go to Walmart and buy it brand new....well if she reads this she will =)

I will be writing more ideas that we have implemented on our frugal journey to continue to give generously on a bare bones budget!

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