Thursday, March 22, 2012

How and Why Do you do it???? Sharing one vehicle with 4 kids !

I was inspired by a post on my favorite website today @ Money Saving Mom.
It was actually a repost from 2010 but it came up on my facebook news feed. A reader was sharing her story on why she and husband share a car and she lives where I am from Northern VA =) I am almost kicking myself for not writing in on our We Paid Cash Story that I did not mention, we have been sharing a car for almost 5 Years of our 7 years of marriage with 4 kids! Which was hands down our biggest monthly budget saver!

I have many of the same reasons she does for sharing a car.
1) The costs: like the initial cost of the car, insurance, registration and unforeseeable maintenance would have hindered us in our money saving goals switching careers and paying cash for a home!

2) Staying home more often helps me to be the best keeper at home: Since I am at home most of the time, I am able to really give the utmost attention to cleaning, organizing, planning and teaching my children uninterrupted by having to run a bunch of errands!

3) It has not forced us into becoming hermits: There has always been a playground in walking distance and friends and family are willing to stop by our home when we can't come to them! My husband is very reliable and has come home when I have needed or wanted to go somewhere...I think I may have missed one Pampered Chef party 2 years ago!

4)Walking is Good for you: I always feel so good after a long walk with the kids. I never have the same feeling after getting off my rear end in a car!

If you are struggling with your finances, I would highly recommend becoming a one car family!


Shelby said...

Working hard girl on becoming mortgage free:) Can I squeeze the baby she is too stinkin cute? They all are, but she is squeezable.

Logan Family said...

Shelby, keep on working towards your goal, trust me, once you don't have a mortgage anymore, you will not ever look back at things done in the past that saved you money and think to your self....poor me I wish I didn't make that sacrifice! We are still sharing the van after being debt free and mortgage free! I went plenty of places with all 4 of my kids while Chris was in Afghanistan and I very patiently wait for him to come home so I can go somewhere with just me and 1 of the kids or all as a family =)

Lisa said...

This came in perfect timing since gas prices in Hampton is going up every single day. One day its $3.75 and literally the next day its $3.99 at the same gas station. I think now is the perfect time to start walking lol

Logan Family said...

Lisa, are you in Hampton VA by any chance? There is nothing wrong with walking If I had more coordination I might ride a bike with my kids on a =) Gas prices are insane! Now I see why some people here in Missouri live on farms with gardens, cattle, and well water so they never have to go anywhere!

Lisa said...

Yup I'm talking about Hampton Va. I'm taking classes for the summer so I'm planning on taking the bus. I can't see myself paying $4 a gal every week. Have you started a garden in your backyard yet???

Logan Family said...

Wait a minute...are you the Lisa I know?

Lisa said...

LOL Yea just figured out how to comment lol love reading your blogs esp super saved my favorite ;)

Logan Family said...

lol, I thought you sounded awful =) You should get a google picture Lisa =)