Monday, March 26, 2012

Decently and in Order Pt. 15 Rachel's Room Cont'd

I will have to tell you again how much I love the pink paint in Rachel's room, on top of the white chair railing is a lighter pink that really gives it a nice touch =) There is some empty space in the corner over there maybe for a really nice pink wooden kitchen in the future?

She has a baby cradle here next to the dresser =) She doesn't have that many dolls now, but I can't wait to buy her first cabbage patch!

This dresser, I got from the same scratch and dent store that I got the boy's armoir from. It is Wendy Bellisimo and solid wood for only $150!

I keep socks and hose on top in the first bin and bibs in the basket =)

I just love little girl shoes! I only bought one pair in here...again I am going to blame Aunt Charlotte for the excess!

The top two drawers are empty as of right now =)

The middle drawer has onesies and shirts separated by short or long sleeve then skirts and leggings to wear under her skirts and on the far right pajamas!

The bottom drawer has 2t and 3t shirts and pj's waiting to be grown into =)

That is all for Rachel's Room! Up Next: My Room!


Carlye Jean Rankin said...

My husband is painting Harper's room right now. I am so excited to get in there and decorate and organize.

I love the paint colors and everything is so nice and organized. great job!

Logan Family said...

Hi Carlye Jean, I love the name Harper =) I am so impatient with painting I hate all the prep work, I just want to get in there and get the color on the wall right away and finish the room off, so I know the anticipation of actually bringing it all together =)

Shelby said...

Love it, you really need to go into business to organize people's homes. I would pay you:)

natalia said...

Amazing that you have time to do all this with 4 kiddos!!!

Logan Family said...

Lol@Shelby, I would love to help people organize their homes =) If you want to Shelby you can email a pic of a problem area in your home and I can give you some online help =) ( I would organize my sister's house all the time when I stayed with her during deployments...the only downside was she was always calling me asking where I put things months

Logan Family said...

Natalia, my husband helps me so much to keep organized and I know I am blessed. I talk to many women who say their husband is just like an extra messy =)