Friday, March 16, 2012

Decently and in Order Pt. 14 Rachel's Room

Rachel's Room is so Pink! I love it =) It was already painted pink when we bought the house! Okay but before I go on...... I am still excited that my article made it to Money Saving Mom yesterday. I didn't know that it was being published and so I sat down at the computer during nap time yesterday and I see there is a "We Paid Cash" story on for someone who paid cash for their home....I was thinking in my head "Oh this looks like a good story" Then I scroll down and realized it was me! I have "met" a lot of nice people because of her website and am so thankful that she posted our story =)

Here is her closet, I think she has just as many clothes as the boys do combined =) But I can honestly say I did not buy more than 5 things hanging in there, most came from Aunt Charlotte ( My Big Sister =)
I have a bit of an obsession with jean jumpers =)

Church Dresses and coats

On this side of the closet are items Rachel should be able to wear next year =)

Towels and blankets, hats and bath supply's.

I keep her crochet head bands on this side so I can mix and match with clip on hair bows. All other headbands go on the right side =)

Diapers and Wipey's are always stocked up! Her toy basket down below with her really cute picnic basket also from Aunt Charlotte.

I have this "Too Small" bin because I have been threatened by Aunt Charlotte that if I sell any of the really pretty dresses she "gave" us, she will not be my sister anymore....j/k. Since we have the closet space to spare I am holding onto them in case of a sister later on...maybe? The "Too Big" Bin also because Aunt Charlotte has given us clothes that go up to 4T!

Here is Aunt Charlotte, she is currently in Yorktown VA collecting more and more clothes to bestow on Rachel =)


Shelby said...

Kelly, I really wish you could come and organize my house. LOL I love it you are such a good organizer:)

Jessica said...

Love all the pink I am hoping for a girl, in God's timing. ;-)
To answer your question about my hymn quote, I bought it on eBay for about $7. I also bought a neat quote that I used in our master bathroom. I'll do a post with it later. Ha I don't have a cricut. I notice that you make a lot of things with yours, though. :-)

Cantina Camp said...

I too found your blog through the Moneysavingmom post you did. I have enjoyed looking at your blog and the more I look at it the more I see areas that remind me of our family. How Awesome is your love for the Lord and for your family! Love the organizing tips too. :)

Logan Family said...

Shelby thank you for the compliment I would love to organize your home =)
Jessica, I would tell you third times a charm....but it is the for me it was anyway =)That is a good deal on Ebay I wonder if they made it with their cricut or it was pre-made?Cantina, I like your name =) I love meeting people who are similar to our family even if only online =) I know they are out there, it just seems in everyday life I am the crazy lady with all the kids who stays home and makes home made granola bars all day =)