Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Greene County, Missouri Caucus March 17, 2012

The cashier at Wal Mart asked me yesterday how my weekend was. I thought to myself what did I even do last weekend besides go to church....Oh yeah how could I forget I was at the Greene County Caucus for 9 Hours on Saturday!! =)

A couple Saturdays ago someone very special was here in Springfield, Missouri and we got to see him live! He is the Only Candidate with a consistent voting record! I don't watch much news because it can be very deceptive and lead you to think one way or another subconsciously. Therefore, I believe the best way to choose a candidate is to look at the voting record!

The Caucus started out good we had some honey pretzels for Rachel to chew on and everything seemed to be moving along on schedule.

There were many recesses and we even had some faithful fans of liberty pictured above trying to reason with a dear brother at the Caucus who was voting for a man who voted 5 times to raise the debt ceiling and gave millions generously to the biggest criminal group in America, Planned Parenthood!

The Leaders of the Ron Paul campaign here in Springfield were highly educated, dedicated, motivated and organized. I am so thankful for their hard work it really paid off! The Caucus ended with 65 delegates for Ron Paul, 40 for Romney, 6 for Santorum, and 0 for Gingrich. =)
Needless to say many of the other supporters were upset and tried everything illegal from a motion to bound every delegate to vote for the winner of the Missouri primaries, to a motion for a secret ballot and so on.....which is why it took sooooo long! .However, truth prevailed here in Greene County!

Chris reading his e-reader during a recess.

I did feel bad that the Caucus was on Christian's 6th bday and had no idea we would be gone so long, but he had some great baby sitters and then we came home for cake and presents =)

One of the Many Reasons I support Dr. Paul


In many cases, homeschooling families must forgo the second income of one parent, as well as incur the costs of paying for textbooks, computers, and other school supplies.

And with combined taxes taking almost 50 percent of the average family’s income, there is little left over for low- and middle-class parents to even consider other educational opportunities.

That’s why, during his time in Congress, Ron Paul has introduced legislation to:

* Help parents better educate their children by providing parents with a $5,000 per child tax credit for tutors, books, computers, and other K-12 related educational needs.

* Ensure that the federal government treats high school diplomas earned through homeschooling the same as other high school diplomas.


Jessica said...

Glad to hear that your caucus went well there, and that you support Ron Paul. ;-) Ours here did not go so well, since we have no idea who the elected delegates will vote for! It was a very strange way to go about things....

Logan Family said...

I was so glad it went well too! It was very confusing and chaotic most of the time!