Friday, March 30, 2012

Decently and in Order Pt. 18 My Bathroom Pt. 2

Our Bathroom Vanity holds many things and we have split the space evenly Chris gets the Left side and I get the right side =)

Inside of Chris' drawer he has his hair things he uses everyday to freshen up, If you ever come to our home unannounced you will most likely find Chris in his wave cap, it makes his hair wavy =)

I tried it on and it does not make my hair wavy!

Inside of my drawer I keep my hair things too =)

In my little zip bag that my mom got me for christmas in high school I have clips and pony tail holders.

Under the sink I have that nice pretty Liner down here too =)

Chris' side....lots of black baggie things and hair cutting supplies.

My side has clear storage drawers. I like being able to see what is inside so I couldn't do the baggie thing Chris has got going on, but he likes to organize his own way =) At the end of the day I am glad my husband is clean and organized even if it doesn't look as cool as my side... =)

I let Chris put his toothbrush on my side =) You will have to ask him about the electric floss thing =)

This may be alarming to some but this is all my make-up! I just have a thing of Physician's Formula organic eye shadow that I put on once in a blue moon and sheer lip moisturizer also worn once in a blue moon. I hardly ever wear the Kiss My Face Organic face mask either ...since I don't like to put things off.....

Wearing the Kiss My Face pore shrinking mask

Lastly my nail drawer, I also use this once in a blue moon, so today when I was taking pictures of it I decided the moon must be blue!
Waiting for my nails to dry =)

My hair accessory cords are always getting tangled up....gggggrrrr....

I was looking on youtube to find some good videos on how to wrap your cords but I couldn't figure them out quite right....but this is a little better =)

Up Next: My Closet!


Carrie said...

I have used my ponytail holders or, in a pinch, a claw clippy thing.

Logan Family said...

You will have to show me how you do that Carrie =)