Monday, April 2, 2012

2012 Goal Review for March

the boys enjoying a nice swing ride on a beautiful spring day.

March was a fun month Joshua turned 3, Chris and I had our 7 year anniversary, Money Saving Mom posted my article, Christian turned 6, Ron Paul won the most Greene County delegates and God has blessed us above my understanding!

1) Read through the bible in one year:I am on track to complete this! I am reading through the rest of Leviticus and onto Deuteronomy , the psalms and proverbs again =) I am loving all the clear instructions God gave to his children there is not really any grey area with God !
2) Read 6 booksI I am going to go ahead and blame the nice weather on my not completing any books this month but I started reading Absolute Surrender for our ladies book club at church!
3) Pass out a gospel tract to every store clerk : I got to pass out tracts at the discount bread store, a consignment store, Target twice, craigslist, auto inspection station, Other Mother's store, and 5 at Wal Mart....okay so I go to Wal Mart a little too often and I think the cashiers are getting the same tract over and over but oh well God's word must be sent out!

Here we are at Ryan's with Haley one of the neighbor girls

4) Eat out only once a week: The kids and I ate cookies at McDonalds with one of my favorite people from Calvary Baptist Church and the pastor's wife at our church, then went back home to get Chris and went to eat at the Target cafe the same day. We didn't eat out again until the last day of the month at Ryans Buffet; I had kid's eat free coupons and so we even took one of the neighbor girls =)

The My Run app tracking my 1 mile run around the neighborhood.

5) Run 7.5 miles a week: Again I have been running closer to 10 miles a week on average =) I also found this really cool app on my phone to track my run. It has showed me how slow I I have an 11 minute mile!

6) In home dvd work out once a week: I Taebo'd 6 times last month

7) Take vitamins and juice daily: I only forgot to take my vitamins 3 days last month =) We have had budget cuts in our home and are unable to purchase a juicer at this time...but the Lord works all things together for good and has kept us all in excellent health!

8) Reduce weight to 130 lbs.: Alright so I only lost .2 ounces last month....but hey it was a loss and not a gain!

9) Keep up with hair cuts quarterly: I don't need another hair cut just yet, maybe next month!

10) Improve Home Organization: We have a steam mop and so the dirty pads just kinda ended up on the garage floor in no real I created a space for them with a plastic bin that we had around the house anyway!
the mop pads before just sitting on the garage floor looking out of place.

the mop pads in their new home =)

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