Monday, April 16, 2012

Introducing the Omega Vert Slow Juicer!

After enduring 2 months of juicelessness I was very excited when my husband told me to go ahead and buy the juicer I wanted! I have been looking on Craigslist and Ebay for about 3 months and have not found anything great. The cheapest I found the juicer I wanted was for $320 used!
My sister told me that Bed Bath and Beyond had the juicer I wanted and that their 20% off coupons are accepted forever despite the expiration date. I called them up and asked if they had the Omega Vert in stock, the price and if they accepted expired coupons. Their answer was Yes it is stock, the price is $379.99 (the same as Ebay), and Yes they did accept expired coupons! Rachel and I went out on Saturday and picked it up with my expired 20% coupon for $303! We made juice yesterday and today. It tastes sooooo much better than the Jack La Lane juicer juice! I am so glad that we got it because the 2 younger boys were getting yucky runny noses and I hate to give drugs!
The juice is slowly crushed with a grinding motion so it retains more nutrients than the centrifugal type juicers that spin super duper fast and cut open the produce and heat it up destroying nutrients. For this reason you can store this type of juice for 72 hours!

All of my boys like the juice, but especially my youngest, Joshua!

He is so in love with juice he even refused to eat his waffles yesterday until he knew he was getting juice too! I am glad he loves it so much because sometimes I think his brain is not turned all the way on and all these vitamins will help him!

If you get up from the table and leave your juice unfinished you better watch out because Joshua will even "borrow" some of your juice!


Debbie S. said...

I've never used a juicer, although I make fruit smoothies in my regular blender.
Can you post a basic recipe for those of us who know nothing about this?

Logan Family said...

Hi ,Debbie =) What you see in the pic is what I juice for one adult: 1 lb of carrots, 1 apple, 1 orange, and a big handful of spinach =) Everything organic except the oranges

Rhonda said...

I want to eat healthier but never thought about a juicer. This is new to me, keep talking. I'll listen and it might be the direction we need to go, who knows!

I do like the pictures of Joshua enjoying his drink so much. Omega Vert might want to use him for advertising. :)

Logan Family said...

Rhonda, we have been juicing for 4 years now! It definitely has changed the way we live and think =) None of my 4 children have ever had to go to the doctor for sickness ever their whole lives which is so rare these days! They will get a runny nose, cough or fever from time to time but nothing serious =) I know that it will help your family if you give it a try =)