Friday, April 6, 2012

Decently and in Order Pt. 20 My Closet Detailed (Chris' side)

So here is our closet again! Today I will give you the tour of Chris' side =) Hope you are not too bored by it... =)

Chris doesn't have too many clothing items, I think he only owns 3 pair of pants, 2 polo shirts and 5 button down shirts! Then he has 2 Nike jump suits, a sweater and a jacket. He also has to keep his Air Force uniforms until his inactive reserve commitment is over in about 18 more months!

Over in the corner he has a hanging shoe organizer for T shirts and shoes. Up on top he has 2 Target bins one is empty. In the other I have our keepsake box .

'Our Keepsakes box holds things like cards, baby shower memorabilia, favorite baby outfit ect.

Then down on the floor I gave him my drawer that I was previously using on my side!
It was not too neat in here......
So I fixed everything up for him =)

shorts are folded in a filing type way so he doesn't have to dig to find what he needs...even though he only has 3 pair of

Down on the bottom he has long sleeve shirts he got for "free" on his last =)

Up Next: My Closet Detailed (My Side)

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