Monday, April 16, 2012

Money Saving Mom's 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home Day 11: Clean Utensil Drawer

::Clean out your silverware drawer. Remove all items, vacuum out the crumbs with your vacuum’s attachment, wipe down the drawer with a damp cloth, get rid of anything you don’t need or no longer use, and then put everything you’re keeping back into the drawer in an organized manner.

I had 2 utensil drawers to deal with, but it still only took 30 minutes from start to finish =)

I want to buy some drawer organizers in here because things don't seem to stay in place.

I didn't use a vacuum to get the crumbs out just my trusty rag.

I don't think that these will stay un-jumbled for very long =(

My other utensil drawer.
I wiped all the crumbs in here too.

Then I changed things up and put the drawer divider back in vertically!

My 10 things to get rid of!

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