Friday, April 20, 2012

Frugal Landscaping!

The front of our yard was really ugly because the people who lived here before obviously had some type of landscaping and took it down. The result was just dirt and rocks at the base of the bricks.

Our next door neighbor offered to get us some rocks for free from a friend who had a bunch around a pond. I thought this would be great since rocks at the store like this would be $3-$6 each!.

Another neighbor brought me some orange lily's. Then another neighbor brought me some more lillies and hostas ! All we had to pay for was the dirt and mulch!

I think it came out really good for a $30 project =)

I have never planted anything that didn't end up dying a few weeks later so ya'll pray for me =)

I want to get some of those pretty landscaping lights or something in here too =) What else would look good in here?

So thankful for sweet neighbors who were willing to help me in my landscaping adventure =)


Shelby said...

Lily's and hostas are very hardy so I don't think you should have any problems. Lights would be nice, they have solar ones for $4 at places like Home Depot:) I think it looks good just the way you have it. Maybe get a pretty ceramic pot for your steps with some annuals in it:)

Logan Family said...

Thanks Shelby =) I do want to get a nice big pot by my steps and a bench =) I was almost tempted to get fake plants in the =)

Michele said...

Looks great!

Jessica said...

Just be sure they get watered a couple times a week, either by rain or the hose, during dry spells. ;-)

If you added some annuals like petunias that would be pretty and add some color, and they are fairly inexpensive.

I actually love planting flowers and trees, etc! :-)We are planning a new flower bed for some flowers I picked up yesterday at a temporary nursery in the Price Choppers parking lot. Haha

Liz said...

Wow! Nice neighbors. It looks really good!

Logan Family said...

Thanks for the input. I started writing "water plants" on my to do list today because I keep forgetting when it doesn't rain. Jessica if you are ever in Springfield you are more than welcome to come help me with my planting =)
Liz our neighbors are soooo nice to me, my neighbor across the street is always bringing me things to eat too =) I am beginning to really love our neighborhood despite my first impression on the unsupervised kids and trash in front of their is getting better around here =)