Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Money Saving Mom's 4 Weeks to a More Organized home Day 18: Clean Closet floors

 After two days of really time consuming tasks... today's assignment was just to clean the bottom of your closets with a mop or vacuum. Also to get rid of items that do not belong in the closet. This was 
too easy!

 I moved the vacuum and shoe tree to wipe the floor down. However I found nothing to get rid of!

 I vacuumed the boys closet with the hose because I couldn't move the closet maid (it is anchored to the wall).

 I didn't really find hardly anything to get rid of in here. I most likely did not look hard enough.

 Then we put everything back. 

This is all I found in the boys closet to get rid of. I thought that it had blank paper in it to use for art later. When I opened it I found out that every page had been used. Mainly with Noah's strange people

 I did find 3 dresses to take down from the hanger and put into the "too small" bin in Rachel's room. Could that go towards my finding 7 items to get rid of? 

 Everything back in it's place.

The linen closet floor: also cleaned and nothing to get rid of in here!

 My closet is now nice and steamed. Nothing to get rid of in here either!


Rhonda said...

you get so much done! I enjoy your daily posts of so much cleaning and organizing.
I thought I was really on top of things when my children were little, my family still jokes about it, but I think you are even more organized than I was.

your daughter is adorable with the broom, I am sure she thinks she is just like her mommy.

Logan Family said...

Thanks Rhonda =) I love being able to stay home and work on keeping our home in good working order =) It is a sanity saver to be organized =)I am sure you know that though looking at your blog =) I am so excited to have a little mommy follow me around it is so much fun =)

Chelsea said...

I love how coordinated your daughter's room is. It's adorable. You need to come do mine! I also love that little picnic basket toy, I've seen it in the store and want to get it for my little one. She has the singing tea pot already.

Logan Family said...

Lol I would love to where do you live? that is so funny. When we picked it out at the store we were up in arms about which to pick the teapot or picnic basket =)