Friday, April 20, 2012

Our Meal Plan: Tuesdays

On Tuesday nights our family eats from the "bird, whole grains family" This usually just means chicken breasts with brown rice or quinoa and of course veggies =) I have been getting some chicken from Wal Mart that says it is not treated with hormones but who knows??? We try and eat meat vary sparingly and Tuesdays is one of the nights that it is a main coarse. Chris never comes home late on Tuesdays because of this.....Just kidding he still comes home late =(

I noticed on the package that is says "vegetarian fed" I am assuming this means they feed them corn, but oh well for now.....until I find a farmer who cuts the chicken breasts nicely like this. One time I bought a whole chicken from the amish with a couple friends from church and let's just say I saw more body parts than I wanted to !


McMillan Clan said...

if they say vegetarian fed- most likely they still feed them soy- which inst good. Chickens should be able to eat worms too! Check out eatwild, and there you can find some good farms in your area.

Logan Family said...

I will have to check that out Tara, I hope that we can establish some good connections with all the farmers here by the end of the summer =)

Rhonda said...

I like that brand of chicken and get it our Walmart too.

Veg feed means they don't feed them grain mixed with animal byproducts. Chickens will eat anything.

We were getting our chicken from a small farm and processor that delivered to our town about once a month, but now they only seem to deliver cornish hens and dark meat parts. I think they are selling more of their product to restarants now :(

you might should watch the documentary Food Inc.

Jenn said...

Yes, definately watch Food, Inc, if you haven't. It will completely change how you view food.

Logan Family said...

Yes I have watched food inc, Fat sick and Nearly dead, Food Matters and the seminars by George Malkmus of Hallelujah acres =) I started researching food about 4 years ago and it has def changed the way I view food! I used to be 180 lbs and tired all the time before I started learning more about food! I am going to blog about it soon =)