Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Bus Ministry @ Bible Baptist Church

We are so excited and blessed to be able to help get the bus ministry started at our church in Ash Grove, Missouri! We have a lot of children in our neighborhood who do not attend church and so we didn't have to look further than our own street and the one behind us to find children =) We talked with about 14 children and their parents this past week and only 4 came this morning but praise the Lord for the 4! We had 5 and then the other independant Baptist church that is in Springfield had already spoken to one of the girls and so then we let her off our bus and she went on with them instead =) If it had been a Jehovah's witness bus or something I wouldn't have let her off =) I am confident that God will fill the bus very soon. Please pray for one family especially in our neighborhood there are 5 children there who are more often than not unsupervised, and some had committed to coming this morning and then backed out =(.

The kids were all excited to ride on the bus this morning!

Inside the Bus

The children: David (10), Hailey(10), Macy (8), Androni (9)


Rhonda said...

Bless you! such important work you are doing.
Yes, I will pray for your ministry

Logan Family said...

Thank you Rhonda =), One of the kids from the unsupervised home came to our house after church and said she would come next week! Praise the Lord!

larlee said...

Aww! That is just Beautiful! That's were it all begins with the children. You just never know the power they may have to multiply the faith may be now or maybe later, all b/c someone took the time to invest in them.

God Bless You and Your Family!

Logan Family said...

Thank you Larlee, I always think back to my childhood and wonder where were those that were saved? Why didn't anyone ever give me a gospel tract? why didn't anyone invite me to a real church (not a cult I had been taken to several of those). I cannot imagine not reaching out to these precious children who need Christ so badly!

Mollie said...

What an amazing opportunity to serve! My grandparents built their church in southern CA; grandma was an organist and organized fellowship opportunities (potlucks, women's ministry) & grandpa was an elder. I was always exposed to tracts and grandma evangelizing to everyone we met (that she didn't know already), but at her funeral in 2004 I was shocked at how many made it back to the old church to share their stories of being brought to Christ by my grandma/grandparents. Keep up the good work! :)

Logan Family said...

Wow Mollie, what a testimony your grandparents had! That is my goal to have this testimony: "that she pleased God" In southern Cali too, that is even more amazing!

Matt Larimer said...

I am so excited to see this. We are trying to start a bus ministry and I was searching for ideas and I have been so encouraged. Keep up the good work and God Bless!

Matt Larimer
Rio Grande Baptist Church

Logan Family said...

Thanks Matt this ministry is definitely one that needs A LOT of prayer =) God Bless your church as they begin to labor in the bus ministry =)